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Active Projects

Arduino - "an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software."

Propeller - Parallax's Propeller 8-core system. Shop members who attended UPENE this or last year received free chips and boards from Parallax. At $8/chip

LEAD Balloon Project - HackPittsburgh's near space weather balloon project.

Bus stop alert sign - A sign or system to let us know when a bus is arriving soon.

Hacker Hotline - Avert nuclear war - use the HHL to communicate with hackerspaces worldwide.

HackSignal - Quick! To the HackMobile!


Aerial Ping Pong Drop - Tracking weather patterns and crowd sourced recovery with ping pong balls and balloons.

Door RFID Reader - Our project to use RFID cards for shop access.

Glassblock GE-35 LED Project - Lights in the window (above the kitchen area)