LEAD Balloon Project

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HackPittsburgh entered the 2010 Hackerspaces in Space contest (http://www.workshop88.com/space). This page will be used to document our progress in the competition and any other works in near space balloon flights.

Lofted Electronic Aerial Device Balloon Project

On March 13th Lofted Electronic Aerial Device Balloon Project or LEAD Balloon Project was selected as the project name.

Project Categories

During the first planning meeting we agreed on categories of things that would need to be completed for a successful launch and competition.


Balloon and related APRS Tracks

A2 track, KMZ: Media:20100808-A2-KB3TAN-11.kmz

B1 new-tracker track, KMZ: Media:20110827-B1-KB3TOA-11.kmz

B1 old-tracker track, KMZ: Media:20110827-B1-KB3TAN-11.kmz


Non Competition Ideas


Meeting Notes