Member Meeting Minutes for January 18, 2012

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Eli, Gabe, Logan, Chris, Scott, Matt B, Laura, Sarita

Called to order at 19:28

Upcoming Classes

  • Sat Feb 11th: Learn to Solder Arduino - Matt Beckler and assistants - Matt will look at doing flyers
  • Sat Feb 25th: Processing class - val - doug will talk to val
  • Sat Mar ??th: Physical Pixel - Doug & ?? - doug will update tomorrow
  • Start thinking of April class possibilities

Recent Events

  • Fri Jan 6th - How to use a Hackerspace (Laura)
    • Interest in repeating this talk at Assemble.
  • Fri Jan 13th: Intro to welding (Gabe)
    • Interest in May/June -we need to work out scope / expense.
  • Knot Tying Club
  • LoopPgh

Upcoming Events

  • See calendar for outside group use of the shop.
  • Wed Jan 18th - Nominations for 2012 Council member election in Feb.
  • Fri Jan 20th - Slide Rule How-To
  • Fri Jan 27th - 1-String Electric Guitar
  • Sayan's email (dwp to fill in details)
  • Marty's email (dwp to fill in details)
  • Landlord email (dwp to fill in details)

Outside Events

Shop Updates

  • Organized, please use and put back: power adapter, stuff on tables.
  • Cross-advertising with Assemble (Laura has details)
  • T-Shirt/Hoodies ordered
  • RFID Door Project - Gabe is doing enclosure construction.
    • Ready for beta
  • News from talking to the Landlord/Electrician
  • January is refocus and clean up Month!

Nominees: -- Scott, Logan, Eli, Doug

Motion to adjourn: 20:43