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As of June 2013, the council consists of:

  • Gene Kern
  • Chad Elish
  • Anthony Cascone
  • Scott^2 Hamilton

Duties, Expectations

DRAFT subject to revision by council and membership

In addition to the duties laid out in the Constitution, Council members are expected to:

  • Encourage members to work on projects, collectively and individually.
  • Celebrate and promote members successes.
  • Be in the shop.
    • Attend every membership meeting.
    • Be in the shop at least one night (not counting membership meetings) a week, ideally two.
  • Email! Read your email regularly.
    • Use your email for all correspondence relating to your role as council member.
    • Do not conduct shop correspondence through personal email addresses, as that correspondence will be lost to the organization when you leave.
    • A lot of meetings can be avoided by conducting business through email.
    • Council members need to be responsive via email since we're only in the shop for direct interaction for a few hours a week.
  • Arrange for Friday night event presentations/talks.
  • Arrange for workshops, classes, etc.
  • Make sure that the shop is being maintained (either directly or by volunteer of members):
    • Trash and recycling need to be taken care of
    • Keeping T-Shirts, water, plasticware, paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper in stock
    • Membership email lists
    • Tracking dues and reminders
    • Tracking blue box contents
  • Work with the landlord on shop physical needs/concerns (typically one council member is designated to keep things simpler for Dale)
  • Generally look to the long-term goals for the shop and help focus members on achieving those (i.e. general leadership).


  • Leadership responsibilities and rewards.
  • A set of keys to the shop. (RFID system makes this a perk for all members)