Member Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2010

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  • State of the Union
  • New members
  • Council nominees
  • Council size
  • The Wall
  • Miscellaneous
  • Upcoming events
  • Volunteering

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Marty, Andy, Mandy, Matt S., Jon, Lori, Jim, Bonnie, Matt B., Joshua, Matt M.

State of the Union

  • Stultzy has a gavel!
  • Presentations
    • Bill Generett from the PCKIZ
    • Train communications by Derrick
  • Passport photo night
  • Work day yesterday
    • Hauled a lot out
    • New lights over the work area
    • Relocated the "kitchenette"
    • The place feels a lot more spacious


  • A proposal was made to Bill Generett for advertising
  • The council will continue to follow up

New members

  • One new members and one returning member
    • Dean is back!
    • Matt B. joins us!

Council nominees

  • Nominations are in!
    • Marty
    • Matt M.
    • Matt S.
    • Andy

Council size

  • Do we reduce the council to 3?
  • Marty moves to reduce the council to 4 to match the number of nominees
    • Bonnie seconds the motion
  • Vote: The size of the HackPittsburgh council shall be adjusted to fit the needs of the organization. In order to provide backup in the event of council member inavailability or attrition, the size of the council shall be four.
    • Motion passes unanimously
  • Matt S. moves that Andy be elected "shop herald"
    • Jon seconds the motion
  • Vote: Andy shall be elected "shop herald," with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilites that title confers.
    • Motion passes unanimously
  • Elections will still take place at the first February members meeting (Wednesday 2/3/10)

The Wall

  • Construction of a wall is proposed
    • The wall will separate the main table and couches from the wood shop
    • The wall will consist of 2x4 framing covered with drywall on the common area side
    • The wall will be initially uncovered on the wood shop side
    • This will permit electric installation later
  • Once the wall is built, furniture will be rearranged
    • Could open up the possibility for an electronics bench
    • Could open up the possibility for a craft corner
    • Could relocate the social area to make more space for project tables in the main common area
  • Budget is pending but is anticipated to cost ~$200
  • The landlord will be consulted
  • Vote: Construction of The Wall is approved under the assumption that the price is reasonable and the landlord is amenable.
    • Motion passes unanimously


  • Bonnie and Matt M. are considering a lighting workshop
    • Targeted towards photography
    • Friday night workshop?
    • Tentative Friday 2/5/10, 7:00 pm
  • Make: Pittsburgh has a website!
    • Tuesday 2/9/10 is anticipated as the first meeting
    • No commitment, no membership, open to any and all
  • Order your t-shirts!
  • Hoodies may be coming, too

Upcoming events

  • Ruby and ham tomorrow
  • DevHouse Tuesday
  • PowerPoint karaoke on Friday
  • Synth night the Friday after that


  • The discussion from last meeting regarding volunteering was resumed
  • Increased visibility for people who are helping out is desired
  • Motion to reconsider volunteering proposed by Marty
    • Seconded by Matt
  • Vote: The monthly monetary penalty for failure to meet the volunteering requirement shall be removed. Monthly dues are therefore $30/month, unconditionally. Members are still expected to contribute approximately 3 hours/month of volunteer time or an equivalent financial or goods donation, subject to approval by a council member. Members will have a three month grace period in which to make up any month's missed contribution. Failure to do so will result in revocation of a member's good standing. Appropriate governance documents shall be updated.
    • Motion passes unanimously

Action Items


  • Update documentation to reflect changes in volunteer requirements Done! Schmarty 14:47, 17 January 2010 (EST)
  • Link to the Doodle poll on the main page Done! Schmarty 14:47, 17 January 2010 (EST)
  • Media blitz the lighting workshop