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My name is Marty McGuire, and I'm a "software guy". Oh, the shame.

I'm a research programmer for the CyLab Usable Privacy and Security lab at Carnegie Mellon.

While most of my work and side projects tend to be software related, I am very excited about the possibilities that lie in open source hardware projects like Arduino and Chumby, and I'm downright inspired by the work of people like ladyada, the RepRap folks, and others, to make hardware hacking easy and fun.

I'm really excited about Hack Pittsburgh! I can't wait to learn some new skills and work on some new projects!


My day job is largely spent writing web sites/services and scripts to manage systems and massage data. So, I've got a lot of Java, Ruby, Perl, and shell scripting experience. I haven't done anything big with Arduino's Wiring environment, yet, but I've dabbled to some success.


I am also a decent hand at soldering. I've had plenty of experience building kits and the like, and have done some very simple "from scratch" micro-controller projects, some wire-wrapping, etc. I've got no surface-mount experience, but I'd be interested in learning.


I know my way around small power tools, and have done a few (painfully simple) carpentry projects, but I am interested in learning more carpentry and metalwork.

Rapid Prototyping

I'm very interested in getting some experience with rapid prototyping tools like CNC, laser-cutters, 3D printers and scanners, etc.

Some side projects