Member Meeting Minutes for August 1, 2012

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
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New Members

Recent Events

  • Fri Jul 27 - Maker faire Detroit
    • PowPowPowerWheels had a great day with two first place finishes, third overall - special thanks to everyone who helped make this happen
    • Micro Mini Murder Bot, Glassblock GE-35 LED Project pong, thinking cap, bottle nose, button machine represented
    • Great time was had by all, everyone is strongly encouraged to come out next year
    • Shop did not have public event, Scott^2 was here, no non-members showed up
  • Defcon
    • Raspberry piower strip got some good attention

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Aug 3 - Surface mount soldering
  • Fri Aug 10 - Steam Punk 101
  • Fri Aug 17 - Rope Making
  • Fri Aug 24 - 3D Movie Making
  • Fri Aug 31 - "FLOAT", a talk by Ben Saks
  • Sat Aug 25 - Val's Intro to Processing class
  • Fri Sep 14th - 3pm visit to Google (Scott has details)
    • show off projects, impress Google
  • Sat Aug 11 - Welding class for members
  • Potential Friday Night talks/events:
    • Hard drive rescue
    • El wire talk - September
    • Costuming
    • Social entrepreneurship (Scott^2, ~September)

Maker Faires!

  • Maker Faire Chicago - August 3-5 power wheels focus, individual projects only
    • Very likely not going to make it...
  • Maker Faire Pittsburgh September 22
    • Free to HackPittsburgh Members! (But really, why aren't you presenting/volunteering?!?!)
  • World Maker Faire NYC - Sept 29-30

Unscheduled Classes

  • Sat in August (maybe early early October): intro to electroluminescent wire
    • tentatively October 6th 1-5pm
  • Solar powered mesh network (follow up to Sayan's talk)
  • Motor Controller class - Anthony
  • Soft Circuits II - Liz/Doug Oct/Nov
    • tentatively early Oct
  • Public welding class

Project Updates

  • PowPowPowerWheels
    • Post race "repairs" -- also, is there interest in having a PowPowPowerWheels mechanics class?
  • LEAD Balloon
    • aiming for Post Detroit ~end of August Launch

Shop Updates

  • We need another sort/clean-up day.
  • Shop Garage Sale
    • Tentatively Sat Sep 8th
  • Potentially have "bone-yard build day"
  • There are currently bids on an oscilloscope and signal generator, see Scott for information

New Business

  • 3D Printer
    • Jet will build one first, eta: Weekend of Aug 4
    • Shop build some time soon after
  • Scott^2 to develop list of meta-resources
    • General resources and information for hacker spaces
  • Bicycle rack
  • Jet will make signs (fire extinguisher, first aid, etc.) and also move first aid to somewhere not stupid

Motion to adjourn: Scott adjourns