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List all your favorite places to get tools, equipment, etc.

Tools & Equipment

Material & Hardware

Electronics Components & Kits

  • All About Circuits part search engine, and other useful resources for electronics
  • All Electronics The TJMaxx of electrical components
  • Electronics 123 (Columbiana, OH) Product for the electronic hobbyist and amateur scientist (Nearly overnight shipping.)
  • Robotic Concepts Used industrial robots
  • AdaFruit (NYC) Kits and parts for original, open source hardware electronics projects
  • SparkFun the tools, hardware, and resources to play with cool electronic gadgetry.
  • SuperBrightLEDs is what it says on the tin.
  • OctoPart part search engine.
  • DigiKey/Mouser; also recommended, domestic shipping.


  • Hardwood Emporium (Elizabeth) wide selection of hardwood lumber, including exotics.
  • Taylor Lumber (Neville Island) deep selection of domestic hardwoods at lower cost. Plan your purchase ahead of time; no showroom.
  • Rockler Woodworking (McKnight Road) has everything for fine woodworking. Pricey.
  • Di Legno Wood Supply (McKees Rocks) can order everything for fine woodworking, cheaper than Rockler, but no showroom. Dante also offers classes.
  • Western PA Woodworkers (Pittsburgh) local group of professional and amateur woodworkers.