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The following are set of "reminders" for using the laser cutter, 3D printer and CNC. They're called reminders because they're to help you review the procedures before using a tool you haven't used in a while.


  1. These reminder pages are NOT a substitute for being trained on the too by a qualified HackPgh member.
  2. These reminder pages are NOT a substitute for using your brain and taking appropriate precautions.
  3. It is YOUR responsibility as a user of the tool to check and make sure there have been no important changes to that tool since these pages were last updated.

Laser Cutter Reminders

Laser Cutter Cleaning

3D Printer Makergear M2 Reminders

CNC Reminders out of date

Small CNC Reminders

Big CNC Reminders

Small Vinyl Cutter Reminders

Sawstop Reminders

Dust Collector Reminders

Dewalt Planer