Play Music at the Shop

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We have two options to play music at the shop! Both of these are activated from the Amp to the right of the Electronics Workbench. (Be mindful to keep music at a decent volume and never go above the labeled maximum)

  • From your laptop!
    • We have provided a MiniJack for you to connect your computer to located to the right of the amp.
    • Make sure you choose Mini Jack from the Input Selector.
  • From the Roku (Located above the Electronics workbench).
    • Turn the Input Selector to Jukebox (The volume is significantly louder so turn it down the volume before hand).
    • Turn on the projector and select the Video Input. You can now use the Roku to access Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, and other channels.
    • Please do not buy anything on it. A gracious member is letting you use his accounts.