Member Meeting Minutes for September 17, 2019

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HackPGH member’s meeting agenda for September 17th, 2019

Call to order

  • Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.


  • Sean Guzek, Vice-President
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Bethany Klick, Treasurer
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Alex "I'm not a Board Member anymore" Reasinger
  • Chad "I'm not the President anymore" Elish
  • Jacques Parker
  • Zuri Woods
  • Tom Fetherston
  • Phil Garrow
  • Kris Kunihiro
  • Joe Newcomer via Google Hangouts
  • Robert Bedel via Google Hangouts
  • Beebo Esch via Google Hangouts
  • CW Kreimer via Google Hangouts
  • Stephen Zalenko via Google Hangouts

New Members/Visitors

  • No new members or visitors today!

Quote of the Day

  • "I set out to be good, but there were too many other options. Now I just aim to misbehave." Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, "Firefly."

Old business

  • CNC vote passed
    • We have asked Forest Scientific for an invoice, we are still waiting. Becky and Alex will follow up.
  • Ceramics nook updates?
    • Tabled until after we purchase the CNC machine
  • Serger update (Phil?)
    • He called one company in Pittsburgh. They have one model that is a built-in to a table for $1,200.
    • That company has another model that's a tabletop for $400.
  • Tara recommends the lower-priced model. She can train folks on this machine.
  • Woodworking bench and vice updates? (Gil and/or Marissa?)
    • Let's wait until we get the CNC machine to bring in woodworking benches and vices.
    • Phil has a vice and he would like to potentially donate it.

New business

  • Dust collector questions: How much was the grant, and how much of it has been spent?
    • The grant total was $3,737.37.
    • There's about $1,300 left.
      • Alex wants to buy parts in order to put it together at the next shop clean.
  • Jacques would like to bring in Boy Scouts and show them around the Makerspace.
    • Saturday, November 2nd is the proposed date.
    • Limit of thirty people.
    • Jacques is asking for members/board members to run stations.
    • Let's charge $10/head.
    • We will set up a Slack channel for the Boy Scout channel and get volunteers for "stations."
  • Joe Newcomer is back and is available for teaching again.
    • Joe would like to donate classes, and Becky will talk to him about setting up classes.

Treasurer's Report

  • We currently have $23,578.53‬ in assets after September expenses and welding class tools.

Shop updates

  • We have been having issues with the Orange Pi.
    • There is no slicer on board yet.
  • Joe and Phil will talk about powder coating and get back to the Board.

Voting items

  • No voting items today!

Project updates

  • None today!


Move to adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Meeting notes taken by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel