Member Meeting Minutes for Sept 19, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • HackPGH Member Meeting 9/19/17
    • Started @ 7:30
      • 17 people showed up
  • Chad: Motion to table the typical meeting agenda and instead discuss the moving/expansion
  • James: Seconded
  • James: Discussed finances, showed some graphs.
    • Currently we can't differentiate between revenue streams. Swithcing to Wild Apricot will fix that.
    • Chad: We've been losing (some) money on snacks and/or the laser cutter.
    • Going to be adding a log book to the laser cutter.
    • Not going to be buying any more snacks/drinks until vending capability is in place.
  • @ 7:39
    • Chad: Talking about the space next door and membership/dues
    • They came to use w/cost of $2k/month, Chad proposed $1500/month, they came back (unofficially) with a sliding scale suggestion between $1.5-2k/month, waiting to hear back.
    • Chad talked about project opportunites to help offset rent

@ 7:44 Rob: Talking about the committee and what was discussed

    • Revenue needs to be constant in order to expand
    • Raising dues to $50 sooner than later would put us on a better footing
    • Looking at some different memebership tiers for supporting/sustaining members
    • Discussed some of the details of a supporting memebership level, day passes, etc...

Misc People: Talking.

    • Chad is going to talk to the Milwaukee space this week to see how they use Wild Apricot
    • Some are against tiered membership, talking more about a patron type arrangment
    • Geno/Dave: Talked about schedule load of Artisan's Asylum
    • Talked about lowering bar to membership, possibly eliminating volunteer hours and 30 day wait period

Chad: Using whiteboard to discuss revenue streams

    • Rent project to space to members
    • <misc talking>
  • @ 8:54

Chad: Motion to eliminate the 30 day wait period, 10 minutes for discussion

    • A few expressed concern about people we don't know having immidiate access
    • <misc talking>
    • Moved to close discussion @ 9:04
    • Move to vote on eliminating wait period @ 9:05
    • Motion passes, 15 in favor, 2 abstained
  • @ 9:06

Chad: Motion to raise rates to $50/month starting October 1st, 2017 @ 9:06

    • Seconded by James
    • Discussion on pre-paid memberships. Those who pre-paid at $30 are good for that period.
    • Discussoin on discounts, <misc talking>, deferred to board.
    • Motion passes
  • @ 9:17

Chad: Informal vote on cost for space next door. All comfortable @ $1500/month, most @ $1700/month.

    • Steve move to vote on letting board move forward @ $1700/month if possible @ 9:23
    • Seconded
    • Motion passes
  • @ 9:25

Rob: Motion to adjourn.

Notes by Adam Casto