Member Meeting Minutes for October 5, 2016

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Bob Berger
    • Eli
    • Geno
    • Alex
    • John Lewis
    • Eris Symms
    • Steve Owens
    • Scott2
    • Gene Cahill
    • Jesse Latimer
    • John

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:45pm

New/Potential Members

  • John
    • Working on Dalek robot
    • Gamer
    • Electric bike
    • Joined HackPGH to build his Dalek

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Faire Pittsburgh: October 14-15-16

Learning Tracks / Classes

  • Basic Electronics part 1
    • Nov 5 10am-2pm
  • Intro to Python
    • Nov 12 1pm-3pm

Potential Talks/Classes

  • Andrew- Intro to Lathe and Mill
    • After Maker Faire
  • John Lewis- PittMesh DNS/Server talk
    • Intro to Databases, Intro to Git
    • Soap Making class?
  • Intro to Welding, similar to SynHak
    • Action Item for Chad: Get Andrew information about SynHak welding class

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Went to NYC Maker Faire. The car works, fully autonomous!!! See the video.
    • There was no race, it was just a demo between HackPGH and MIT
    • The car will be there at Maker Faire Pittsburgh, live demo and simulator
  • Power Wheels
    • Did not race lego car in NYC
    • Will try to take all 3 cars to Maker Faire Pittsburgh for race
    • Official Power Wheels race in Pittsburgh, Jim and Pat are coming!
    • Alex wants to award a special Pittsburgh power wheels trophy
  • 3-D Printers
    • Chris Yohe is fixing the Makegear
  • Lathe
    • DROs need to be installed
  • Fabrication Station
    • Bought some Vinyl!
    • Scott is bringing brand new sewing machine
  • Vending Machine
    • Still needs a raspberry Pi Connected and payments to work.
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • Jim is close to getting it working, did some tests
  • Server
    • Cloud with LED's which lights up when people access server
  • Vaccum Forming Table
    • Jeremy

Old Business

  • Need outlets near mill
  • New Space
    • Harlod still wants space next door for now.
    • Made Right Here Partnership?
  • Vinyl Cut Open Shop Hours on door.
  • Lets put Open Shop recurring on Meetup. Excellent way to attract new members.
    • One Saturday a month, Geno will take care of that
      • This has been scheduled for October 22 at 7pm. On meetup currently.
  • Maker Faire
    • Party Here
      • Cathy will head up the committee for this
  • City of Pittsburgh Wants us to do all ornaments for their Xmas tree!
    • 90 Bicentennial sign ornaments, one for each neighborhood
      • Membership votes in favor of doing this
        • Steve Owens and Josh Smith will work on this

  • Things that need done around the shop
    • Update Member Booklet
      • Members vote to make a PDF, email it to new members
    • Maintain Computers
      • Update/Install Autodesk
    • Section Leaders - Maintain, keep clean area.
      • Laser Cutter
        • Alex Reasinger
      • Electronics Workbench
        • Simon Heath
      • Fabrication Station
      • Kitchen
        • Alex Reasinger
      • Shop Area
        • Andrew Campbell
      • 3D Printer
        • Ryan and Chris
      • Pi Workstation
        • John Lewis
      • Misc
        • Everyone
  • Steve Owens motions to change "Don't be a Dick" to "Don't be a Jagoff" for duration of Bicentennial celebration
    • All members vote in favor
  • Jim and Steve want to get back into doing train club
  • Eli wants to remind that HackPGH members get student rate at TechShop
  • Scott wants to schedule Holistic Brain for October 4
  • Simon: Python Class, Nov 12 at 1pm

New Business

  • John needs transport to get his Dalek to Maker Faire
    • Need to get power wheels cars and tardis to maker faire
  • Our refrigerator died, Geno has college fridge he will donate
  • Power Wheels meeting 10/6, getting ready for Pittsburgh Maker Faire
  • John (Dalek) wants to help organize the HackPGH wiki

Project RollCall

  • Alex: Engines
  • Eli: Power Wheels
  • Geno: Tesla coil
  • John Lewis: Server and pi stuff
  • Bob: K9, clock, astronomy camera

New Member Induction

  • Eris Symms
    • At least 3 members and all board members vote yes on full membership
      • Key given
  • Gene Cahill
    • At least 3 members and all board members vote yes on full membership
      • Key given
  • Jesse Latimer
    • At least 3 members and all board members vote yes on full membership
      • Key given
  • Vivek Vidyasagaran
    • At least 3 members and all board members vote yes on full membership

Move to Adjourn

  • John Lewis motions
    • Bob seconds
      • Adjourned at: 8:25pm
Meeting notes by Geno