Member Meeting Minutes for October 4, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Geno
    • Dave Coakley
    • James Hyde
    • Adam Casto
    • Eli
    • Adam Longwill
    • Justin
    • Bob Berger
    • Jesse
    • Logan
    • Rob Martin (hangouts)
    • Joachim (hangouts)

Called to Order

Called to Order At: 7:32pm

New/Potential Members

  • Logan
    • System Engineer for UPMC

Previous Events/Classes

Learning Tracks / Classes

  • Basic Electronics class
    • Geno
  • Soldering Class
    • Sometime in November

Potential Events/Talks/Classes

  • Edge Lit acrylic class, first sat in Nov, Rob Martin
    • Need to test laser cutter, order new tube before class
  • Fidget Spinner class for kids
    • Dave Coakley and Rob Martin
  • Intro to Biosignals
    • James Hyde
      • November or December
  • Intro to Czech and Mandarin
    • Becky
  • Learn to Tune Your Piano
    • Chad
  • Intro to CPR
    • Becky and James

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Did great in New York Maker Faire, only team on track, did many successful laps
    • Preparing for Pittsburgh Maker Faire
  • Power Wheels
    • Lego car did really well, won 2nd place, 2 third places, see videos and photos
  • Wood Shop
    • Got large Dust collector
    • Need new 220V line
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • Wild Apricot is currently being used for dues
    • Chad had meeting with Milwaukee makerspace, RFID boards coming in few weeks

  • Vending Machine
    • Coin and bill reader added
    • Chad and Jacques and Geno working on it
    • Not buying snacks until vending machine project is finished for security reasons

  • Laser Cutter
    • Currently running at 70 watts.
    • We have the $ to buy a new tube. Need to buy ASAP
  • Safety Report
    • Need to test alarms!

Old Business

  • James: Discussed finances, showed some graphs.
    • Currently we can't differentiate between revenue streams. Swithcing to Wild Apricot will fix that.
    • Chad: We've been losing (some) money on snacks and/or the laser cutter.
    • Going to be adding a log book to the laser cutter.
    • Not going to be buying any more snacks/drinks until vending capability is in place.

  • Revenue needs to be constant in order to expand
  • Raising dues to $50 sooner than later would put us on a better footing
  • Looking at some different memebership tiers for supporting/sustaining members
  • Discussed some of the details of a supporting membership level, day passes, etc...

New Business

  • Eli suggests making a hybrid between full access to shop immediately and 30 day waiting period for purposes of security
    • Open for discussion
    • 2 people vouch for new member, come into shop twice, ala Milwaukee makerspace?
      • Eli motions to amend current new member induction process to have board take a government issued ID, or use board's due diligence
      • James 2nds
      • 2 abstained, 1 voted no, 10 in favor
      • Eli withdrew previous motion
  • Jesse wants to build new shelves
    • All agree to wait until we expand to new space
  • City wants us to laser cut other side of the tree ornaments
    • Chad and Jesse will work on this
  • Need to test alarms
  • We have 3 fire extinguishers, we should make sure people know how to use them, and they work
  • Alex loaned a foundry to the shop
    • Will melt aluminum, bronze, brass, some cast irons, 475,000 BTUs per hour, we would need 500 gallon propane tank, $300 to fill the tanks
    • All agree that we need better solutions to use the foundry
      • Plan in a month, implementation in another month. By Dec 4.
  • Dave and Joachim working on forge
  • Chad reminds everyone to put parking permits on projects you want to leave in the shop
  • Craftoberfest this Friday in Garfield, Mini Maker Faire type thing with beer
    • HackPGH can have table if anyone wants to help
  • New Space
    • Move next door
    • Chad made verbal agreement $1600 first 6 months, $1750 for next 6 months
      • Discussion needs to happen between present tenant and Avenu

Project RollCall

Move to Adjourn

  • Eli motions
    • Dave seconds
      • Adjourned 8:44pm
Meeting notes by Geno