Member Meeting Minutes for October 16, 2013

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Chad
    • Scott
    • Anthony
    • Eli
    • Bethany
    • Greg
    • Doug
    • Geno
    • Ben
    • John
    • Jim
    • Gene
  • Called to order at:

New Members

Ben - studdied astro-physics


Recent Events

  • Friday Oct 4: Game night @ HackPittsburgh - bring games or just bring yourself and hang out for a night of fun
  • Thursday Oct 10: Costuming - Shane to host. Mask painting with air compressor
  • Friday Oct 11: Shop Show-and-Tell - All members, please show you recent projects!
  • Saturday Oct 12: Shop clean - All to participate! That means you! Starts at 1pm. Pizza at 5pm! Wash floors, moves couches, etc
    • need to keep the shop clean, we all have to share the space!

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday Oct 17: (Canceled) Reverse engineer laser range finder - Eli to host
  • Thursday Oct 24: batteries and conductive liquids - Luc to host
  • Thursday Oct 31: Halloween - no event
  • Friday Nov 1: Powerwheels series summit
  • Saturday Nov 2: Ham test prep 10a-4p - Gene/Jeff
  • November 3: Hamfest @ Washington County Faire Grounds
  • Thursday Nov 7: Lock Pick Meeting - Dan
  • Thursday Nov 14: Hard drive rescue talk - Chad to host
  • Saturday Nov 16: Intro to Processing class - Gary/Doug to host - Tentatively
  • Thursday Nov 21: Robot Operating System - Gabe
  • Thursday Nov 28: Thanksgiving - no event

Potential Thursday Night talks/events

  • Flat panel speakers
  • Shop Show-and-Tell (Quarterly)
  • Reverse engineering
  • Stepper motor hack challenge
  • E-Bikes
  • Residential solar
  • Finite State Machines
  • Game nights (Artemis or otherwise?)
  • Food event
  • Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Build your own h-bridge
  • Anyone?
  • Object oriented software development
  • Sketchup

Unscheduled Classes

  • Transistor Motor Controllers
  • Welding class for members
    • We now have a working welder. Gabe will find a time to schedule. Possibly a Saturday evening. Can handle 7-8 students. A few bucks for class materials and pizza.
  • Ham radio test (late March/April)
    • Geno will find out when Pitt Radio is having test, we will schedule cram for right before
  • Intro to processing (scheduled)
  • Arduino Track:
    • Learn to Solder (done)
    • Intro Programming/Diode Shield
    • Sensors, sensors, sensors!
    • Intro to Motor Control
    • Advanced Motor Control
  • Adam wants to teach a Wifi class
    • A track of something like 4 classes to demystify Wifi
    • Possibly a Wireshark class/talk
  • Windmill class

Project/Shop Updates

Old Business

  • Window Lights project - lights in the windows!
    • Gene is working on syncing the prototyping board with the outside display
    • Need to add switch to toggle between board and lights
  • 3D Printer
    • Needs bed aligned then it's ready to go. Chad working with Eli for this process.
    • Currently qualified MMax users:
      • Eli
      • Chad
      • Jeremy
      • Anthony
    • Workstation Added for 3-D Printer
    • Soon we will be doing training on the 3-D Printer.
    • Pay System
      • We will be using a Gram Scale for now.
      • Will work on pricing. (We need buy more filament)
    • Should design fuser to joining filaments
  • Server Rack / Network
    • Adam added a thermostat to fan… Waiting to see next power bill.
  • Security cameras - Chad is in contact with Mike Wally in attempt to resolve the issues.
  • Mugs - Gabe is the point of contact
    • $15 each, $20 for mug personalized with text at bottom
  • CNC Router
    • Need to make an enclosure for the router
    • Need a computer with a parallel port, Pentium 3 or earlier
  • Setup e-stop for tools
    • Gabe has parts, Chad will pick a day to set this up.
    • Gabe and Chad to work on RFID control for tool area
  • Misc Unused Tools In Shop
    • Gabe selling mini-band saw, Punch tool and other misc.
    • Other Options
      • Garage sale in (November)?
        • Choose a date. Need to get advanced word out.
      • Donate it to other places.
      • Craigslist
    • Items:
      • Metal punch (Junior)
      • DVD duplicator (On Craigslist)
  • Install outlets on main work table.
    • Jeff needs BX clamps
  • Geno is making signal generator for shop. Successfully generated a sinusoidal signal.
  • New Hackerspace release forms!
    • Everyone needs to sign this.
    • At the beginning of next month, Whoever didn't sign this, your cards will be turned off.
  • Will implement some "random stuff" dispositioning systems (Eli)
  • New Internet Coming soon!
  • Need to reschedule - Digital Filtering Class - Geno to host

New Business

  • First Night Dahntahn
    • Cars in parade
    • HackPGH booth!
  • Greg is proposing "software roundtable" group to discuss software topics
    • Will probably make a monthly / bi-monthly
  • Chad will take over UAV

Move to Adjourn:

Chad, Eli seconds