Member Meeting Minutes for November 6, 2019

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HackPGH member’s meeting agenda for November 6th, 2019

Call to order

Vice-Presidente Sean Guzek called the meeting to order at 7:40PM.


  • Sean Guzek, Vice-President
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Bethany Klick, Treasurer
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Robert Bedel
  • Kwame Wright
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Zuri Woods
  • Tom Fetherston
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Stephen Zalenko via Google Hangouts
  • Adam Longwill via Google Hangouts
  • Geno Soroka via Google Hangouts
  • Taylor Huston via Google Hangouts

Quote of the Day

  • "That's giving me lovely delightful support." -- Becky Zajdel, on the wonky chairs.

New Members/Visitors

None today!

Old business

  • Alex is good to run trainings on the CNC machine.
  • Please let the board know if you would like to help with WinterHack 2020.
  • We will be hosting a clothing/warm outerwear drive sometime in the near future with the help of Uptown Partners
  • We have a new serger and now that Halloween season is over, Tara is available to train you on it!

New business

  • We got the $5,000 McAuley Ministries grant!
    • We need to start scheduling classes for "resume building" skills.
    • Becky will schedule a brainstorming session in early December for this grant and its execution.
  • Coming up next weekend, Akron is opening their new makerspace!
  • We have several lead areas! Please contact the board if you'd like to volunteer. Current area leads and volunteers:
    • Electronics Bench - Geno
    • Wood shop - Taylor Hudson, Marissa, and Andy
    • Metal Shop - Vacant
    • IT - Rob and Chris
    • 3D Printers - Vacant
    • Take & Leave - Phil
    • Laser Cutter - Quara'e
    • CNC - Alex and Andrew
    • Education/Wiki - Steve Owens and Andrew Tracy
    • Outreach - Becky
    • General Facilities - Vacant
  • We need help with tours! PM the board if you'd like to help over the next two months.
  • Andrew took a look at our large pantograph mill. It's covered in dust, but otherwise in decent shape. It has no belts, but once we get them it will be completely usable!

Treasurer's Report

  • Forest Scientific has allowed us to make three monthly payments instead of lump sum of $10,000.
    • We have enough for rent and essentials, and little else!
  • Becky will be launching a "cup of coffee" fundraiser. Asking that everyone give $5, no more, no less.

Shop updates

  • BOTH doors and their RFID systems are working! Huzzah!

Voting items

  • No voting items today?

Recognition for Awesomeness

  • Becky and Andrew - AMAZING turnout for the Halloween party!
  • Rob, Tom, Chris, and Adam for fixing the Internets.


Move to adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM

Meeting notes taken by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel