Member Meeting Minutes for November 15, 2009

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  • Cupcakes
  • New members
  • Recap of recent events
    • Art && Code
    • ioBridge
    • Soft circuits class
  • Upcoming events
    • Nerdcore & Knitting
    • Arduino double-header
  • Heat
  • Election of council member

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Arnaud, Gwen, Derrick, Doug, Andy, Matt, Jon, Jim, Bonnie, Dan W., Forest, Isaac, Joshua, Lori

New Members

  • Bill joins us this month
    • He's got laser experience
    • He leads kids in First Robotics competition
    • He found us via Dorkbot

Recent Events

  • Art && Code
    • Volunteering was very successful
      • Drivers, gophers, and class TAs
    • Golan was extremely appreciative
    • Total attendance was about 200 people registered for workshops
    • HackPittsburgh got a lot of publicity
  • ioBridge
    • Hans, a developer, presented on Friday
    • It's a micro that connects to the Internet via their website and interacts with devices in the physical world
    • Serial communications are supported
    • "Programming" is via checkboxes on their website
    • He gave an device to the shop as a gift
    • Andy can help answer questions or get the device up and running
    • Retail price is expected to be ~$100
    • We may get a discount code
  • Soft circuits class
    • 16 attendees
    • Very successful class
    • A LilyPad class may be forthcoming

Upcoming Events

  • Nerdcore and Knitting this Friday
    • Crafts and knitting
    • Learn to knit
    • Work on anything craft-related
    • Nerdcore music videos will be projected
      • MC Front-a-lot
      • Jonathan Coulton
    • World premiere of Jim & Bonnie's Code Monkey video!!
    • Pie is probable!!
  • Arduino double-header this Saturday
    • No final count on students yet
    • Matt will place final order this week
    • We'll put together kits on Friday (Matt and Jon)
  • Soldering workshop on Sunday
    • Duquesne University Audio Engineering Society is the primary customer
    • Andy will hold the workshop focused on soldering audio cables and equipment


  • Landlord was supposed to have a meeting with the PCKIZ this week
  • This meeting should have lead to heat
  • Matt will follow up tomorrow
  • Hopefully heat should come in this week


  • A blind vote was held to determine who will fill the empty council seat
  • Matt M. wins by one vote

Action Items

  • Matt
    • Place order for upcoming Arduino class
    • Put together Arduino kits on Friday
    • Follow up with landlord regarding heat
  • Jon
    • Put together Arduino kits on Friday