Member Meeting Minutes for March 15, 2016

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Geno
    • James Hyde
    • Gene
    • John Lewis
    • Josh Roehrig

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:50

New/Potential Members

  • N/A

Recent Events

  • How to write for Make Magazine talk
    • Fri 26th @ 7:30pm
      • Good talk, 5 people showed up
      • Presentation will be available on wiki
  • Bicentennial/St Patrick Day Parade: HackPGH can be part of it
    • March 12 at 9am
      • Took Delorean to parade.
      • Successful event
      • Lots and lots of publicity

Potential Evening talks/events

  • From Idea to Laser Cutter talk
    • How to use the cad software, how to go from cad to laser cutting
      • Alex Reasinger will help with that
  • From Idea to 3d printer talk
    • How to use the cad software, how to go from cad to 3d printing
      • Chris Yohe
  • From idea to CNC machine talk
  • Create a 3d printing and laser cutting group at HackPGH
    • Ryan and Chris Yohe
  • How to use google hangouts server talk
    • John Lewis
  • How to use ROS
    • John Lewis

Learning Tracks

  • Electronics
    • Learn to Solder
      • March 26, 10am-4pm
      • Gene will teach it, Geno will assist
    • Basic Arduino Programming
      • April 2, 2016 10am-2pm
      • Program your own traffic light
      • Official arduino day event
      • Soldering class attendees get 50% off the class (because they already have arduino)
      • Decided to replace pizza with an Arduino Uno included in the class
    • Advanced Arduino Programming (TBD)
    • Sensors Sensors Sensors (TBD)
    • Motor Control (TBD)
    • Basic Electronics part 2: Semiconductor Devices (TBD)
  • Mechanical / Other
  • Mechanical Classes Learning Tracks
    • Andrew
  • Casting Day
    • Spring, Joachim

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Worked on rewiring of the car
    • New member Raj joined because of interest in autonomous power wheels
      • Clean things up mechanically and electrically
  • Power wheels
    • Had kickoff meeting
    • Ryan is taking over
    • Very organized, presentation will be available on wiki
    • We are building a lego car formula 1 racer
  • Wheelchair
    • Wigle Whiskey: Tardis full of barrels, Giant rolling barrel, Donkey Kong
      • All members vote for Tardis idea
      • Chad is working on Tardis, 70% finished
      • James wants to turn Tardis into kegerator after WigleWhiskey
  • 3-D Printer
    • M2 Bot
      • Still Kickin'
    • Mendlemax
  • Foundry
  • Server / Google Hangouts
    • Working, and John is teaching.
  • New Mill
    • DROs are installed and working great!
    • Alex bought z axis DRO
  • Lathe
    • Being repaired.
  • Fabrication Station
    • Please clean up
  • Welder
    • MIG
      • Going Strong
    • TIG
      • Needs cart and gas.
  • Vending Machine
    • Progress being made, software club is working on it
    • Hardware has been tested and works, software being written
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • We're working on it.
    • Jim borrowed RFID reader, testing Raspberry Pi and wordpress, WooCommerce
    • 40% off

Old Business

  • New Computers
    • They are here, Chad installing software on them
  • Brewing Club
    • Had successful meeting,the beer is fermenting in what used to be server closet
    • Fermentation successful and about 60% done.
    • James Hyde is working on getting kegerator working, bought refrigerator, laser cutting beer holders.
  • Pitt robotics club line following robotics competition April 16
    • Geno is working on it
    • Robot has been entered into the competition
    • Can follow a straight line, soon a curved line!
  • Jim's wife wants to have craft night at HackPGH in April or May
    • New mom's coffee
    • April 24, Begins 7pm
    • Steve motions, Andrew 2nd, all vote in favor
  • John wants to buy the Autodesk machine
    • Lets wait what happens with the Macbooks before spending money
  • Josh Roehrig: Inventor's club in Monroeville wants to tour HackPGH and potentially use HackPGH for their meetings
  • Tesla Club Maker Faire project
    • Contact Geno
  • Ryan visited St Louis Arch Reactor makerspace, created awesome presentation, download it on mailing list
  • Simon wants to donate a small server
  • Gps sensor class: Jim

New Business

  • Barrel Roll
    • Tardis almost built
  • 2 new awesome powerful macbooks have been donated for Autodesk and 3d printer machine
  • We have a vinyl cutter we can buy for $150. We can try it before we buy
  • Josh Roehrig wants to teach Solidworks class
  • Fundraising for HackPGH ideas: John Lewis

Project RollCall

New Member Induction

  • Joshua Roehrig
    • 3 members and 2 board members approved
    • Got key

Move to Adjourn

  • John Lewis motions
    • Gene seconds
      • Adjourned 8:21pm

Meeting notes by: Geno