Member Meeting Minutes for Mar 18, 2015

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Chad
    • Eli
    • Gene
    • Geno
    • Jonathan
    • Wesley
    • James
    • EJ(hangouts)
    • Bob
  • Called to order at: 7:40pm

New Members

  • None

Recent Events

  • March 6th - Movie Night!
    • Only 3 people came. We should advertise the movie we will watch beforehand.
  • Artemis March 13th
    • About 5 people came. Very fun, some minor tech issues, otherwise awesome. We killed many ships.
  • March 14th - LUG
    • 15 people came, had fun.
    • Presentation

Upcoming Events

  • March 28th - Arduino Day
    • Applications were due March 15th. We are too late. We need to contact them and see if we can still get in on it.
    • We need to create online agenda
    • Geno will head the committee to do that and contact them
    • We should do something anyway
  • April 9th - Steel City Infosec Meetup - Penetration Testing Drop Boxes
    • Jonathan is in charge of that
    • Can't use shop tools other than soldering iron for safety reasons
    • Need to bring their own tools
  • April 11th - LUG

Potential Evening talks/events

  • Arduino Day
    • It's on March 28th.
    • Assemble Collaboration
    • They can't do anything. They will send people our way if we are going to do something.
  • Another Build Your Own Antennas Class
    • Adam wanted to teach this. Something other than wifi antennas
  • BoXZY
    • Would be awesome if inventors of BoXZY came here and did a talk on it

Learning Tracks

  • Arduino Track
    • Next up... Diyode.
  • Jonathan wants to do talk on databases
  • April 22nd, Earth day
    • Chad wants to launch balloons with sensors to detect smog
    • Red/Green lights that indicate presence of smog
    • Lets meet April 19th and discuss it, setup the balloons, meet at 1pm-4pm
  • April 11th DirtyBall
    • Huge party at warehouse, creative artsy people, a little risque, crazy and fun
    • If HackPgh would do a cool project for them, we would get in for free, its expensive otherwise
    • Good advertising opportunity for us
    • We need to brainstorm ideas
    • Lets meet during Finish it Friday on March 27, 7pm

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Power wheels
    • I choo choo choose you!
    • Barrel run May 1st!
    • Build contraption to take a Wiggle Whiskey barrel 2 miles from their HQ
    • We will build a power wheels sized train to push/pull the barrel
  • CNC Router
    • Decided to purchase Shepoko.
    • EJ brought in a controller board
    • EJ will be working on it this Saturday March 21, 9am-11am, 1pm-3pm people welcome to join and help

  • Laser Cutter
    • Purchasing new lens for finer etching. Chad needs to do that.
    • Slight issue. If you turn it on, and it doesn't datum. Turn it off, and move the gantry. Turn it on again.
  • 3-D Printer
    • Workstation is up!
    • Its actually printing spare printer parts during the meeting! Wow! Look at it go!
    • Makerbot needs to be given back
    • If you want a private class see Eli.
    • Bed heats up faster now, in 1 min compared to an hour
    • Need to store 3d printer code on HackPgh github
  • Dues Cash Payment System
    • Part 2, we'd like to automate this process. We already have the bill reader and Pi. Needs to be programmed.
    • A lot of progress has been made on this over the past few days. Anthony and Gene are working on it

Old Business

  • Sign Ideas
    • Photo is FINALLY Finished and will be sent out for ideas soon.
    • We are taking ideas from members, send us a sketch, picture
    • Chad will send the photo to the list soon
  • Board is working on determining the feasibility of discounts for 6 months payments.
    • $2 a month discount if you pay for a 6 month membership. Instead of $180 you would be paying $168
    • If you stop being a member within those 6 months, you lose the discount
    • Vote
      • Jonathan motions
      • All present agree, 2 people did not vote
  • BoXZY! 3D printer/laser cutter/CNC all in one.
    • They challenged us to do a project with it.
  • Chad was at an event at Wiggle Whiskey. He was talking to them about an event with a barrel ride. They wanted to build something to carry a keg.
    • He wanted to use a PowerWheels to pull a train like thing and dress it up like a locomotive.
    • May 1st
    • They are also "down" with us holding an event here as a fundraiser for us.
    • Something about etching an artist's drawing on a mini barrel
    • Lets etch "HackPgh was here", they will never forget us, for good or for bad
  • Doug and Val started talking about an Arduino for Artists Class
    • Don't focus on breadboarding, but work on soldering to wires and other Arduino devices.
    • They are working out the details.
  • HackPGH Shop Hack-A-Thon!
    • Lets fix the shop up. Make it better!
    • What issues do we have with the shop?
    • Make something fun and random to be in the shop. (walls etc...)
    • May 30th, 12p - 31st 12p.

New Business

  • Dirty Ball
    • April 11th
    • Need a fun interactive project. Brainstorm ideas.
      • Reubins Tube
  • Jonathan is working on a server closet for HackPgh

Move to Adjourn

  • Gene motions, Jonathan seconds
  • Adjourned 8:25pm