Member Meeting Minutes for June 3, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Adam Casto
    • Joel
    • Chad
    • Dave Coakley
    • James Hyde
    • Geno
    • John Lewis
    • Paul Kyros
    • Jesse
    • Becky
    • Adam Longwill
    • Luc Berger
    • Jacques
    • Bob Berger
    • Joachim
    • Corey
    • Eli Richter

Called to Order

  • Called to Order At: 7:02pm

New Business

  • Ideas to Help Maker community in light of TechShop closing.
    • James Lomuscio
      • Facebook page Nextshop
  • Expanding HackPGH into space next door
    • This is going to be happening faster now
  • Becky and Chad meeting with lawyer on Wed
    • Turn HackPGH into 501c3
    • Sprout Grant
  • Joel talked to TechShop members about HackPGH as potential place for them
    • The 30 day initiation process and Volunteer hours scare some people away.
    • Donation instead of volunteering is an option
  • Use HackPGH non profit status to open another shop. Joel has been offered $40,000 to create a new space.
  • Create a scheduling process for tools.We will have to do that when we get enough members anyway.
  • Keep HackPGH as a space for hobbyists. Pull in the hobbyists from TechShop, but not so much the people who rely on the tools for their business.
  • Figure out a way to accomodate hobbyists and people who have a business. i3 Detroit Hackerspace does this.
  • What does HackPGH want to become in a post TechShop world?
  • Is the neighborhood HackPGH is in a concern?
  • Bring in leaders of other Hackerspaces/Makerspaces to HackPGH and have a discussion how to best improve and change HackPGH.
  • Define what it means to be a dick. Create actual list of rules.
  • Modify our 30 day induction process?
    • Let everyone in and have more severe rules to remove people if they create problems?
  • Machines in greatest demand at TechShop according to current TechShop member.
    • 1. Laser Cutter
    • 2. CNC machine
    • 3. Mills
    • This TechShop member thinks that our lasercutter costs per minute are too much to do commercial production.
  • Having another shop just for commercial production.
  • Questions to General Membership:
    • 1. What is HackPittsburgh to you
    • 2. What do you want HackPGH to become?
    • 3. what do you NOT want HackPGH to become?
    • 4. If TechShop wasnt closing, how would you like HackPittsburgh to grow?


  • Raise dues to $50 a month. Grandfather current members at $30 for a year.
  • Eliminate the initiation fees.
  • Revisit this in 1 year.
  • Effective at midnight 6/4/2017
    • 10 people in favor.
    • None opposed
    • 2 abstained
    • Motion passes

Treasury Report

  • We currently have $13,695
  • $4900 reserved for laser cutter. 6 months laser cutter has been paid for.
  • $1000 reserved for switching to 501c3
  • $4195 spending money

Adjourn 8:37pm

Move to Adjourn

  • Joel motions
    • Bob seconds
  • Adjourned at: 8:37pm
Meeting notes by Geno