Member Meeting Minutes for June 17, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for May 2nd, 2020

Call to order

Adam Longwill called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM, although business didn't get crackin' until about 7:45 PM.

Called to order at 6:15ish PM.


  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Chad Elish
  • Geno Soroka
  • Rob Bedel
  • Taylor Huston
  • Tom Featherston
  • I'm working from memory here, so if I forgot your name PM me!

COVID, mold, and only being half-open...

  • Allegheny County is now "green", and hasn't had a COVID case in over a month. While this is great news, we still want to maintain safety procedures put in place during code "yellow". Please note, COVID has had resurgence levels in states and cities where large groups of people have congregated and safety procedures (like distancing and masks) were not upheld. Let's stay healthy!
    • At least for the time being, members will be required to maintain 6 ft of distance, wear masks, hand wash, etc.
  • The Board has had many people ask to join. We want them to! We need the money! However, we will NOT accept new members until the mold remediation is complete.
    • (NEW INFO AS OF 6/18!): Dale gave us an update. The delay is due to the massive cost (over $30k for the entire building), as well as the lengthy time it will take to clean the whole building. Hack's areas will HAVE to close for five days while our shop is being cleansed of mold. There will be no exceptions. It will be dangerous to be in the space, and we will have a shop clean as soon as we can following completion of mold remediation.
    • Estimated date of completion is currently July 10th-ish. However, it may be earlier. We will keep members apprised and let them know ASAP when the five-day closing will be. Signs will be posted and RFID access will be turned off.

Shop news

  • As for fully re-opening to new members (in mid-July), we will need:
    • a successful and thorough shop clean
    • volunteers for tours and training
    • to hold an election for at least one Board position
    • leaders to hold free Meetups
    • Teachers for paid classes
      • Online/virtual classes are a possibility, and will be explored
  • Regarding the Board:
    • It's a volunteer position, but a lot gets done when everyone participates. We want to add an additional "general" Board position (making six total, with four officer positions voted between by the board themselves)
    • An incentive idea? Let's make memberships free for Board Members during the length of their term. Because we simply have had little to no interest in members running for the Board, but an ever-growing number of duties, concerns, etc..
  • McCauley Ministries Grant
    • We need to fulfill the grant requirements, which at its core is offering free memberships and resume-friendly classes to residents of the Hill District and Uptown.
    • Please PM Becky or email her/the info account if you'd like to volunteer to teach one of these courses!

Shop finances

  • We have $3000 in PayPal and a little over $3100 in the bank. ($6100 total).
    • That gives us less than three months of operating expenses.
  • We initially reported that we had 62 active members during the meeting, but the finances didn't add up.
    • Those "active" members also included anyone who has ever been granted "contractor" access (like our landlords, his electricians, etc.), and for some reason, three suspended members. The real total is 47 active dues-paying members.
  • We need to raise money/accept new members as quickly as we can while maintaining the health of everyone.
    • Bad news: We did NOT get the Pittsburgh Promise grant. Funds were for those non profits suffering from COVID closures, and preference was given to those NPOs with paid employees who lost wages.
    • Good/neutral news: They have other grants available. Let's apply for them!
  • Fundraising ideas? We are all ears. Every little bit helps.

Other notes

  • If Becky forgot anything, PM her and she'll add to the minutes!

Move to adjourn

  • Adjourned at 8:45 PM
    • Minutes by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel