Member Meeting Minutes for July 07, 2010

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Matt S., Matt B., Matt M., Isaac, Marek, Doug, Val, Lori, Jon, Mandy

Recent Events

  • Bowl making night, hosted by Andy
  • Field Day
    • Opportunity for future events at their location
  • Marek's Drink Class 26th of June
    • Extra ingredients available to hold second class
    • Could lead to
  • Lock Picking Group
    • Well attended, some attendees possibly interested in being members
    • Group will meet once a month, on the first Tuesday of the month
  • Balloon Launch
    • Good news: it made it to 98000 feet.
    • Bad new is that it disappeared
    • Working on the next attempt

Upcoming Events

  • Balloon Challenge Meetings on Monday!!!
  • Maker Faire Detroit
    • Will be a party at i3Detroit
    • If you're going, sign up on the board
  • Polish Hill arts festival is July 17th
  • UPENE is coming up, sign up if you plan to attend (
  • Flash event on July 31st (Val)

In Shop

  • Electric
    • Quote received, Marek to send it to the council.

Out of Shop

  • See event board
  • Add names to list if you are going


  • There is a motion to switch the Sunday members meetings to Wednesdays:
    • Unanimously voted in. The second meeting of the month is now on the third Wednesday
  • There is a motion to add all members to the mailing list, from which they can unsubscribe if desired
    • Unanimously voted in.

Action Items

Find a new council member.