Member Meeting Minutes for Jan 6, 2016

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Geno
    • Scott^2
    • Alex
    • Wesley
    • Joachim
    • John Lewis
    • James Hyde
    • Simon Heath
    • Bob Berger
    • Eli
    • Andrew
    • Chris Yohe (google hangouts)

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:43pm

New/Potential Members

  • Josh Smith: IT guy, into CNC machines and 3d printers
  • James Lomuscio: Entrepreneur, owner of startup, interested in embedded systems and working with his hands

Recent Events

    • Wed 16th @ 7p - PittMesh Working Group
      • Success, many people showed up, Josh Smith found out about HackPGH via Pittmesh
    • Thur 17th @ 7p - Railroad Club
      • Making progress on railroad track and sensors.
    • Sat 19th @ 1p - Music & Technology Club
    • Sat 19th @ 7p - Open shop
      • Geno
    • Mon 21st @ 7p - Open shop
      • Ryan may host it
    • Mon 21st @ 7:30p - Software Club
    • Tue 22nd @ 7:30p - Holistic Brain
      • Repeat of previous talk for new people
      • We tried to record it for podcast
    • Wed 23rd @ 7:30p - Open shop (finish your gifts)
      • John Lewis
    • Sat 26th @ 7p - Open Shop
    • Mon 28th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Mon 28th @ 7:30p - UV Club
    • Sat 2nd @ 1p Mechanical Club
    • Sat 2nd @ 1p Welding Class
      • Went really well, many people showed up
    • Sat 2nd @ 7p Open Shop
    • Mon 4th @ 7p Open Shop
    • Mon 4th @ 7:30p - Software Club
    • Wed 6th @ 7:30p - Members Meeting

Upcoming Events

    • Fri 8th @ ? Digital Games Night
    • Sat 9th @ 12p Intro to Databases
    • Sat 9th @ 3p LUG
    • Sat 9th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Mon 11th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Wed 13th @ 7:30p - Tesla Club
    • Sat 16th @ 1p - Music and Technology Club
    • Sat 16th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Mon 18th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Mon 18th @ 7:30p - UV Club
    • Tue 19th @ 7:30p - Members Meeting

Potential Evening talks/events

Learning Tracks

  • Electronics and Embedded learning track
    • Basic Electricity and Electronics (Jan 30)
      • Jan 30 at 10-4, Basic Electricity and Electronics, 4 hrs, Pizza provided, Geno
    • Learn to Solder (TBD)
    • Basic Arduino Programming (TBD)
    • Advanced Arduino Programming (TBD)
    • Sensors Sensors Sensors
    • Motor Control (TBD)

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
  • Power wheels
    • Alex Rojas wants to take over, talk to Eli
  • Wheelchair
    • Cupcake car.
  • 3-D Printer
    • M2 Bot
      • Still going strong!
    • Mendlemax
      • Chris and I worked on the printer prior to Christmas.
      • Chris donated a new hot end, and we got the hardware back in order. Chris and I still need to install the inductance sensor for the auto bed leveling.
      • The firmware needs to be updated to accommodate the new distance between the hot end and build platform. I have the original firmware for the MendelMax printer that I received from Alex.
      • Chris and I are planning to get down to the shop next week at some point to address the outstanding firmware configuration and get things operational
      • Can we use the pcDuino board that was lying near there to setup Astroprint? I recall that it was your personal board, Chad. Otherwise, I have a Raspberry pi that I can donate.
  • Foundry
    • Joachim was looking into it
  • Server / Google Hangouts
    • Mostly working. Still has issues.
  • New Mill
    • DROs are here!
  • Lathe
  • Being repaired
  • Fabrication Station
    • Chairs are going I promise!... we need to pick a date to help move them over to PFEX
  • Welder
    • MIG
    • TIG
      • Need cart.
      • Need argon gas.
      • Sorting party with beer at Eli's!

Old Business

    • Atm
      • Final attempt to contact owner, if not, take it apart
    • Vending Machine
      • John Lewis wants to work on it
  • Club brochure
    • I distributed the 2nd revision to the discussion list
    • Received some additional comments regarding the inclusion of photos
    • Ryan would like to get to a “final” rev by end of week.
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • No updates
  • Pittsburgh Bicentenial Parade participation, July 2016
    • Logo is on our site!
    • Going to present they city with a laser cut sign of the logo
  • Shop Insurance
    • ~ $500/yr
    • Would remove the buddy system.
  • New Space Updates.
    • Attack Theater wants to help out (collaborate).
    • Keep the new space in the city
    • Lots of parking is important
    • 3000 sq feet is the goal

New Business

  • Podcasting events
    • Steven Owens' friend can help with this
    • Sit around and discuss CNC machines/3d printers/laser cutters/etc for an hour, record it, upload it to cloud
    • Have other Hackerspaces join us in this
  • Andrew wants to start Mechanical Classes Learning Tracks
  • John Lewis working on things for server/google hangouts
    • Needs to have class to teach people to use google hangouts system

Project RollCall

  • Alex made a small steam engine
  • Geno is making progress on Tesla vs Edison chess set
  • Joachim has been metal casting ALL the things.

New Member Induction

  • Chris Quick (RealBotics)
    • All board members and members vote to make Chris a full member
    • Need to send him email and give him key
  • Frank Sudia
    • None of the board members, and less than two members vote to make Frank a full member
    • Please email board at for specific details/reasons

Move to Adjourn

    • Adjourned at: 9:00pm

Meeting notes by: Geno