Member Meeting Minutes for February 18, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for February 18th, 2020

Call to order


  • Josh Inklovich
  • Adam Longwill
  • CW Kremer
  • Steve Owens
  • Stephen Zelenko
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Sam Bassett
  • Bethany Klick
  • Kwame Right
  • Taylor Huston
  • Geno
  • Rob Bedel
  • Adam Longwill
  • Brian Esch (Beebo)

Recognition of awesome

  • Becky Zajdel for refilling everything including the K Cups
  • Sean for training.

Quote of the day

  • It's not over till it's over. Yogi Bera

New Members/Visitors

Old business

  • Rob and the television and the video conferencing. PSU is on the Pacific somewhere for the new server.
  • We need a new water filter for the fridge
  • Rob is going to fix the LED sign
  • Kossel is still under repair by Beebo and Jeremy
  • Adam and rob are going to fix the Gist street monitor
  • Andrew's stairs are coming along. He's going to be doing that... in the future.
  • Adam will get the details of the Mcauley Ministries grant and get people to apply for teaching
  • The board will come up with a list of places to contact for a list of skills that would be ideal to teach for skill-building for uptown residents. Hill CDC, Jake Wheatley, Manufacturing Assistance Center (welding), Careerlink. Think of it like "introduction to life skills"
  • Security Concern will meet on the last Friday of the month

New business

  • Nominate people for board!
  • Teach Adam how to make safe the rest of the shop
  • the membership would like to document a price for at the least the large format printer.

Treasurer's Report

  • We have money - Bethany

Shop updates

  • Bethany needs help with adding on off switch to vending machine.

Project Updates

Voting items

  • Proposal from Simon: Vote on adding wording noting that all donations are final, so people can't un-donate stuff. It's a PITA.
  • Amend the section of the constitution that "any donations in cash or in-kind donations are made as a permanent and non-refundable donations. These donations cannot be rescinded, in part or in whole. A member may elect to loan equipment but must submit a written notification to the board before or at the time of loaning. The loaner must attach a semi-permanent label stating that it is a loan and it is the responsibility of the loaner to maintain this label."


Move to adjourn

  • Adjourned.