Member Meeting Minutes for February 15, 2012

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Council elections (end of meeting)

Attendees: Mark, Matt, Eli, Gabe, Dan, Scott, Sarita, val, Doug Called to order at 7:30pm

==== New Members ===-

  • Tim and Shawn - not present

Upcoming Classes

  • Sat Feb 25th: Processing class - val (sold out!)
  • Sat Mar 24th: Physical Pixel - Doug & ?
  • Sat Apr 14th: Soft Circuits class w/ex-member Elizabeth - confirmed date.
  • Start thinking of May class possibilities: - decide March 7th
    • PCB class (Matt B -- will get back to us next week)
    • Welding class for members prior to generalpublic welding class
    • Solar powered mesh network (follow up to Sayan's talk)
    • ...

Recent Events

  • Sat Feb 11th: Learn to Solder Arduino - Matt Beckler and Sarita, Laura, Eli, Sayan and Doug
    • SUCCESS!!
    • Next time allot 3 hours instead of 2.
    • Next time limit to 10-12 people, we were crowded.
    • Get larger quantity of burn ointment

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Feb 17th - Solar panel networks
  • Fri Feb 25th - home made solar power - talk and DIY solar technology, harbour freight, diagnostics tools.
  • Fri Mar 2nd - Truffles! Vegan and Bacon - separate tables/kitchens
  • Fri Mar 9th - TBD! - maybe Scott, maybe Eli
  • Fri Mar 16th - Tentative Linux install fest - we need to confirm that date is good, Doug will relay back to WPLUG.
  • jQuery is defunct. Node.js wants to use shop, need membership approval and sponsor.
  • Proper Television - as per email to the list.

Outside Events

  • TODAY: Feb 15th - WBAI show (fundraiser for station) is on Hackerspaces. They're giving away copies of HackThis and have asked all the featured Hackerspaces for stickers (30) to include with the books.
  • April 14th: Robot fest: Baltimore's MiniMakerFaire - Laura is going, wants to know if anyone else is interested, if we want to do something as a shop, etc. - ask Laura to send to the list.
  • April 14th: Notacon - Cleveland, Ohio, Art/Hacking/Tech conference.
  • Romibo - Aubrey from CMU wants to have use be alpha testers in March. We're not yet sure how public/private she wants the alpha testing to be.
  • Pyrotopia - Being rescheduled, expect word/info soon. April 27th, 28th
  • Potential Rope making - waiting for details from jet
  • Open Source Fab night - date TBD, jet to pick date offline.

Shop Updates

  • Make Magazine subscription fund
  • Raw Materials update
  • sold so far: 6 dreamcast games, two laptops, two closing by this evening.
  • Snack situation update
    • Snack pricing update - cheezeits 2/$1 - doug to put a sign up.
  • T-Shirt/Hoodies are IN!
  • Outside groups using the shop (CMU/Romibo)
    • Node.js wants to meet here. Can maybe take the slot that jQuery isn't using?
    • Doug would like to move the Knot Tying Group to another slot.
  • Mice are back:
    • Doug will get the stuff his family uses.
  • Death Row:
    • Scott will notify members that stuff going away soon.

Nominees: -- Scott, Logan, Eli, Doug - elected by acclamation

Motion to adjourn: 20:24