Member Meeting Minutes for December 21, 2011

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Laura, Sarita, Scott, Gabe, Logan, val, Dan, Zach,

Called to order at 7:28pm

New Members

Zach, Luc

Shop Updates

Recent Events

  • Thu Dec 8th: Knot Tying Club
  • Fri Dec 9th: Cyberpunk Cool-Off
  • Wed Dec 13th: LoopPgh - not at shop
  • Fri Dec 16th: Origami Ornaments!

Upcoming Classes

  • Sat Feb 11th: Learn to Solder Arduino - Matt Beckler and assistants
  • Sat Feb 25th: Processing class - val

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Dec 23rd: No public event
  • Fri Dec 30th: No public event
  • January - Shop Cleanup Month!
  • Fri Jan 6th - No event!
  • Fri Jan 13th: Intro to welding
  • Fri Jan 20th - No event!
  • Fri Jan 27th - No event!

Outside Events

Motion to adjourn: 8:04