Member Meeting Minutes for December 19, 2017

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Called to Order

  • Called to Order At: 7:33pm


  • Chad
  • Dave
  • Geno
  • James
  • Eli
  • Gabe
  • Adam Casto

New Members

  • Aaron
    • Owns 3d printer company, laser cuts awesome book covers

Guest Introductions


“Hooray, I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time!” – Dr. Zoidberg

Upcoming Events

  • Microcontroller Meetup Wednesday Dec 20th
  • Tesla Club - Wednesday Dec 27th
  • Software and Robotics Meetup - Monday Jan 1st
  • (Amateur) Radio MeetUp - Tuesday Jan 2nd.
  • Members Meeting - Wednesday Jan 3rd

'* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Shop Updates

  • Chad and Geno working on laser cutter timer.
    • Half way there. We have a temp solution
    • There will also be a laser cutter logbook to record your time and how much you paid
  • Chad Signed a Letter of Intent for the new space
    • 12 months lease starting Feb 1,2018
    • $1,600.00 for months 1 – 6 and $1,800.00 for months 7 – 12
  • Chad and Phil leveled the table near the garage, its ready for CNC
  • Reminder: Please clean up after yourself, especially in woodshop/metal shop/tables
  • Reminder: Let board know if something broke
  • We are getting a form 1 Resin 3d printer!

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Project Updates

  • Gabe is going to metal cast a 3d printed Terminator head
  • Chad is casting challenge coins using lead free pipe solder

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Move to Adjourn

  • Adjourned at: 7:54pm