Member Meeting Minutes for August 5, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for August 5th, 2020

Call to order

Becky Zajdel called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM


  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Asher Klick, Treasurer
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Geno Soroka
  • Kwame Wright
  • Taylor Huston
  • Chris McCann
  • CW Kreimer
  • Steve Owens
  • Rob Bedel
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Ezra Juliar

COVID, mold, and tours

  • Allegheny County is still "green", despite a large resurgence in COVID cases. Our commitment to member safety is absolutely paramount.
    • Everyone will be required to maintain 6 ft of distance, wear masks, hand wash, etc.
    • We will now be allowing six people in the dirty side of the shop, and EIGHT people on the "clean" side of the shop.
  • Steve has updated the wiki about COVID rules. We also plan to print out and laminate signs to place on the entrances.
  • Tours have been successful! We have gained eight new members since we welcomed new members.
    • Tours are still by appointment only. Please sign up to help the Board out!
    • Becky will be typing up a tour script so that every member can feel comfortable giving tours. This will be turned into a pamphlet/document that can and will be emailed to every member.
  • We have created five "sanitation kits." They are portable and contain new cleansers, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and other items. Please place them around the shop as you see fit.

Shop news

  • The election is underway for our new Board Member. Again, thank Simon Heath for his service as President (Emeritus)!
    • The nominees are: Samantha Black, Nolan Cash, Cassie Griger, and Taylor Huston.
    • If you have been a member for over a year and have not been able to afford recent membership dues due to COVID, please email your nomination to info (at) Thank you!
    • Please note, you will be not be voting for a new President. Board Members are elected in general and then officer positions are decided between the Board proper.
      • Discussion was had about adding two new positions (making the Board total 7 people), but the motions regarding this have been tabled until after the election.
  • Classes. We are considering approving small in-person classes such as soldering and welding. The maximum number of students allowed will be four.
    • We are looking into offering virtual classes for topics such as arduinos and computer-building.
  • McAuley Ministries Grant stuff
    • We received an extension for our grant. We have until July 2021 to complete the grant requirements and submit our final report.
      • So far, two members have received McAuley membership "scholarships."
  • Inquires were made about the status of the air filtration system.
    • As far as the Board knows, it was completed in late Summer/Fall 2019, but we will confirm this.
  • Rob Bedel has replaced the PC case on Alpha. It does not have an optical drive. If you need an optical drive, please use Beta instead!

Shop finances

  • We have EXACTLY $6,609.29 (including PayPal funds and our bank account). This is AFTER Augusts's rent check has been deposited. So we are in slightly better shape!
    • Our tours are fully booked, and membership is growing slowly!
    • The total above includes a cash deposit (from vending, laser payments, and mailed/drop off membership payments). We understand the shop was closed and thus vending and such was very low, but the laser box was WAY under the bookings from Skedda.
  • HackPGH will still be operating on a restricted budget where possible.
    • However, the shop is completely stocked! This includes food, drink, bottled water, and cleaning supplies. This came at no cost to the shop. It was donated by the Zajdel family and their friends at Tyler Mountain Spring Water.
    • Becky is still pursuing two grants.
      • Wal-Mart NPO granting three financial avenues:
      • CostCo $5,000 grant (completed, takes 4-6 weeks for approval)
      • She spoke to an investor who originally wanted to set up a TechShop-like place in the city. She's trying to get him to donate to Hack instead. Anything is possible!

Rule Reminders

  • Laser cutter use and misuse
    • Laser time MUST be both paid for AND logged in the paper log on the laser desk.
    • Skedda scheduling is not matching up with the payments, less than 50% of laser time is being paid for.
      • We will be erecting a large sign reminding members about laser rules. If necessary, we will put a RFID lock & payment system on the laser.
  • Children aged seven and under are NOT allowed in the shop, even with a parent or guardian. This is for their safety and for the good of the organization, as it allows us to keep our insurance.
  • Garbage
    • Garbage CANNOT be placed in the alley (Watson Street). It MUST be taken up and around in front of the building on Fifth Avenue every Monday night for Tuesday AM pickup! We were fined last week because multiple bags were left in Watson Street. We have garbage guidelines as well as the city pickup/recycling calendar posted on the white board right inside the Jumonville entrance.
    • Our recycling was not picked up because the delicate garbage princesses refuse to pick up blue bags. ONLY clear bags or... whatever they decide on that day. On Tuesday morning, they also did not pick up Dale's recycling despite it being perfectly packed up. Who knows.

Move to adjourn

  • Adjourned at 8:39 PM
    • Minutes by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel