Member Meeting Minutes for August 15, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
  • Dave Coakley
  • Chad Elish
  • Geno
  • Becky
  • James Hyde
  • Steve Owens
  • Eli Richter
  • Eli (new member)
  • Gary Prischak
    • Adam (hangouts)
    • Jacques (hangouts)
    • Rob Martin (hangouts)
    • Joachim (hangouts)
    • J.E.T (hangouts)

Called to Order

Called to Order At: 7:31pm

New/Potential Members

  • Eli
    • Pitt MechE student
    • Working on making his own furniture

Previous Events/Classes

  • Audio over a beam of light.
    • Luc
    • Well attended.
  • Laser Cut Sun projector for Eclipse
    • Josh Smith
    • Made 5-6 of them
    • Want to do with action housing people.
  • Welding Class
    • 2 people
    • Dave wants to make class $75 for the early signups and $100 the last week to encourage sign ups
  • 3DPPGH meeting
    • Well attended

Learning Tracks / Classes

  • Soldering Class
    • Design our own PCB and have something which is not an Arduino
    • Geno, Bob, and Cathy will work on it
    • Sometime in August/Sept/October?

Potential Events/Talks/Classes

  • Fidget Spinner class for kids
    • Dave Coakley and Rob Martin
    • Boyscouts and Girlscouts
      • August?
  • Intro to Biosignals
    • James Hyde
    • Possibly Nov or Dec
  • Intro to Czech and Mandarin
    • Becky
    • Early October
  • Intro to CPR
    • Becky and James
    • Message Red Cross after pool season ends
  • Intro to 3d printer and lasercutter design
  • Lets keep a tally of how many people need trained on laser and 3d printer and then have a training session
    • Also possibly have dedicated monthly training session
  • Build a steam engine class
    • Joachim
    • Copper pipe, JB Weld
  • MoCa Networking
    • Justin

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Progress happening
  • Power Wheels
    • On halt until next year
  • 3-D Printers
    • We have 4 3d printers (2 being repaired)
  • Metal Shop
    • No updates
  • Wood Shop
    • Got large Dust collector
    • Need new 220V line
      • Dave and Chris will do it
      • Gary can help with wire
  • Electronics Workstation
  • Fabrication Station
    • Joachim installed new safe wiring
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • Wild Apricot
    • Chad to have meeting with Pete from Milwaukee makerspace.
    • We're starting it up!
    • CW working on stuff. We have something from
  • Vending Machine
    • Coin Collector needs added
    • Jacques and Dave will help install bill and coin reader
  • Server
    • New display on the TV
    • Mac Mini server, Chad
  • Laser Cutter
    • CW is working on getting us honeycomb for laser cutter
    • JET has honeycomb with frame
  • Safety Report
    • Need to test alarms next Meeting!
    • We are now requiring anyone who walks into HackPGH who is not a member, sign the release form!

Old Business

  • 501c3
    • all paperwork is in
    • no updates yet
    • 4-5 weeks left
  • Teaching classes
    • We approved and implemented the following...
      • Instructors can trade their time for:
      • Volunteer hours
      • 1 month membership
      • A class at cost
  • Classes
    • There is a new form and process.
    • Will be on site soon.
  • Putting cameras in the shop and upgrade to outside cameras
    • ~ $600
      • Buying cameras, Bring it up to vote
        • 12 people vote in favor, none abstained, none rejected
        • Motion passes
  • TechShop Updates
    • It's not looking good for them.
    • We need to do our best to help out
    • JET says starting new business is difficult and lots of new competition in PGH
    • They need 1 million dollars by Sept
  • New space
    • 30,000 sq foot bldg, 3 floors, across from 5th ave school lofts
    • Membership approves further discussion about this space
      • Delay with this building
    • Possibly moving into space next door
  • Maker Faire Pittsburgh
    • We pulled out
  • Student, Veteran, Senior Citizen Rates for HackPGH
    • Valid student, veteran, 65+ yrs old ID, maintain status for discount
    • $30 rates

New Business

  • Gunshot near the shop
    • Police involved
    • This is a rare occurrence, shop is still safe
      • Cameras have been ordered
      • PittMesh will install

Project RollCall

New Member Induction

  • N/A

Move to Adjourn

  • Eli motions
    • Steve seconds
      • Adjourned 9:17pm
Meeting notes by Geno