Member Meeting Minutes for August 03, 2011

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Sarita, Mandy, Matt S, Gabe, Dan, Eli, Laura, Doug, Alex

Called to order at 7:35 pm

Recent Events

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Aug 5: Maker Faire Recap
  • Fri Aug 12: ISDA + IxDA Social meetup.
  • Fri Aug 19: IOBridge Demo

Outside Events

  • Mouse Trap in PGH
  • Weekend of Sept 17-18: Maker Faire NYC
  • Sun October 9: Pyrotopia in Braddoc looking for volunteers & art
  • Mini Maker Faire PGH October 23rd
    • We have the info we have been waiting for from Make so it's full steam ahead.
  • Art && Code 3D October 22nd-23rd
  • HandMade Arcade November

Maker Faire Updates

  • All projects well received.
  • Power Wheels car took 2nd in Drag Race, qualified for finals in the Time Trials before loosing speed controller, 4th in Endurance. 9th over all for the season.
    • Thanks Gabe and Eli!
  • 750+ buttons given away in the first day and a half of Maker Faire.
  • All LEDFlowers given away to excited attendees.
  • CheeseBot receives an Editors Choice award.
  • Overall +1 for HackPittsburgh!

Shop Updates

  • Starting the look for space options.
  • Balloon launch plans and build.

Non Shop News & Announcements

  • Motion to adjourn: 8:33 pm