Member Meeting Minutes for April 6, 2016

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Alex
    • Scott2
    • Geno
    • Joachim
    • Andrew
    • Volker
    • Anthony
    • Jim
    • John Lewis
    • Ryan via hangouts
    • Gene
    • Eli
    • Joshua Roehrig
    • Josh Smith
    • James Hyde

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:31pm

New/Potential Members

  • Andrey
    • Works at air compressor company as service manager
    • Hobbies include robotics, and all things mechanical, autonomous lawnmower
  • Ben
    • Industrial designed for Emerson
    • Builds lamps
    • Likes to build things

Recent Events

  • Mar 26, 2016, 10:00 AM - Learn to Solder Class
  • Apr 2, 2016, 10:00 AM - Intro to Programming with Arduino / Arduino Day

Potential Evening talks/events

Learning Tracks

    • Advanced Arduino Programming (TBD)
    • Sensors Sensors Sensors (TBD)
      • May 14th 10am-2pm
    • Motor Control (TBD)
    • Basic Electronics part 2: Semiconductor Devices (TBD)
  • Mechanical / Other
  • Mechanical Classes Learning Tracks
    • Andrew
    • Basic machineing class
    • Wait until lathe project is finished
  • Casting Day
    • Spring, Joachim
    • Re-purpose propane tank for foundry

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Discussed rewiring of the car
      • Clean things up mechanically and electrically
      • Servos are much tighter
      • Ready to put it back together
      • Ready to plan software
  • Power wheels
    • See Ryan and Eli
    • Bought new LIPO battery, very powerful, essentially infinite current output
    • Only HackPGH is doing lego car, other car not participating
  • Wheelchair
    • Cupcake car
    • Needs better batteries
  • Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll
    • April 29th 5pm
    • Tardis!
    • Strip district to north side
    • Need help making it move!
    • Takko con at convention center. Take tardis there
  • 3-D Printer
    • M2 Bot
      • Still Kickin' Had to replace the fan
    • Mendlemax
      • Ryan is repairing it.
  • Boxzy is working great
    • Chad to start training on it soon
    • Ryan can bring in remote monitoring system for it
    • Need to install fusion360 to try the CNC module of boxzy
  • New Mill
    • DROs are installed and working great!
    • Added Z DRO
  • CNC router has new spindle (silent and awesome)
  • Lathe
    • One more part needs to be made, Andrew is making it
    • Buy new lead screws? $150 + $40 for nuts, Joachim will contact Cabin fever guy
    • See if someone can cut the lead screws for us free or cheaper
  • Fabrication Station
    • New Vinyl Cutter!
    • Still needs some TLC
    • Buy your own vinyl or HackPGH will provide for fee
    • Chad will train you to use it
    • Move brewing supplies
  • Welder
    • MIG
      • Going Strong
    • TIG
      • Needs cart and gas.
  • Vending Machine
    • Software Club
    • Vended first item in centuries (a screwdriver)as experiment a while ago
    • Not much progress since last meeting
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • Wordpress plugin takes advantage of WooCommerce
  • Brewing Club
    • Still fermenting
    • Alex ordered new bottlecaps
    • Alex working on HackPGH beer logos
  • Server
    • John will train you to use Hangtop
    • Bob brought in mixer as alternative to server for shop music/audio

Old Business

  • Atm
    • Contacted... waiting
  • New Computers
    • Here, Need autodesk installed

  • Cable management system for A/V cables for projector and wifi
    • Simon Heath working on it
  • Pitt robotics club line following robotics competition
    • Geno is working on it
    • Robot has been entered into the competition
  • Jim's wife wants to have craft night at HackPGH on April 24th at 7pm
    • New mom's coffee

New Business

  • Gene fixed the lightboard
  • We have a vacuum chamber now, we can flatten peeps and vodka infuse them, and do actual useful things too
  • If you want to be trained on a machine, email to
  • Buddy system, board will put stickers
  • Need to figure out what to do with the printers, order ink?

Treasury Report

  • Member dues our number one source of profit
  • Classes help
  • Laser cutter depreciation helping pay for replacement parts
  • New tools will also be put on depreciation schedule
  • Rainy day fund unchanged since last couple of years
  • $3500 available cash to spend, but we need it to move to bigger shop
  • March was slightly negative due to major expenses, but classes balanced everything out
  • 30-35 active members. We would need 50 or more to move to bigger shop

Project RollCall

New Member Induction

  • N/A

Move to Adjourn

  • John motions
    • Eli seconds
    • Adjourned at: 9:20pm

Meeting notes by: Geno