Member Meeting Minutes for April 18, 2010

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  • Welcome New Members
  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
  • MakePGH
  • Balloon Challenge
  • Action Items

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Matt M., Marty, Amy, Andy, Doug, John Speicher, Susan, Isaac, Lori, Bob, Mandy, Josh, Paul (he was waiting for a bus)

Welcome New Members

  • Steve

Recent Events

  • First part of flame thrower class. (2nd part next sunday)

Upcoming Events

In Shop
  • Dev House this Tuesday
  • Noise Night - Hosted by andy Auduino & More
  • Seed Bombs - Friday April 30th
  • 7th Potential Ham talk from Pitt.
  • 14th Hamfest Dayton
Out of Shop
  • See event board
  • Add names to list if you are going