Member Meeting Minutes for Apr 16, 2019

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Called to Order

   The meeting was called to order at: 7:52 PM


  • Sean Guzek
  • Bethany Klick
  • Simon Heath
  • Becky Zajdel
  • Chad Elish
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Adam Longwill
  • Becky Zajdel
  • Phil Garrow
  • Joe Newcomer
  • Brian Beebo Esch

Call to order

Sean calls us.

Welcome New members



"I didn't prepare a quote" - Sean Guzek


  • Don't leave heckin' box cutters and razors lying around. If you want to know why that's dangerous, watch Forklift Driver Klause
  • The amount of dishes in the sink is TOO #^%$ HIGH! Stop it. We will be cracking down.
  • The padlock lives on the "nose" on the back of the door. When locking the door, push the latch into the padlock and spin the numbers away from the code. It won't lock otherwise

Past events

  • SMAW welding
  • Soldering
  • Computer building
  • Arduino programming

Events for April

  • Shop clean, the April 28th
  • Next meeting, May 1st
  • Newcomer class
  • Bethany's soap class
  • All-gender clothing swap

Old business

  • Phone number: Board needs to get together and act on this
  • Mailing List: Monthly mailing lists etc. Being set up by Simon.
  • Swag: T-Shirts, stickers, swag in limbo. Still in progress.
  • HackPGH Birthday Party - June 1
  • Heckin' dust collection: Phil "The ducting I'm building... costs about $12 for smaller tubing and 39$ 16 diameter, 14 foot length and we'll need 4 pieces of each. I'd like to make our own fittings with our tools and borrow vacuformer from Protohaven." We still need to order filters for this dust collector. We also need to build an enclosure to because it is going to be too loud to use in the shop without one.
  • Need to get the 3D box given away: The board needs to contact the Children's museum.
  • Need FAQ poster -- Opening and closing shop, membership guidelines, donation guidelines, tool usage, safety stuff locations, who to contact for stuff. Please write documentation for tools, open to the membership.
  • Need tool training docs. Please write documentation for tools, open to the membership.
  • Table deconstruction/reconstruction: Phil and Adam may meet friday before board meeting.
  • Joe suggested that we have a 1 page flyer for randos who come up and want to talk about joining.

New business

  • We have a server! Adam and Simon put it together and it has a bunch of drives in it. It will become a SAMBA server for use of internal sharing ONLY.
  • Camera server is mostly done and is ready to be installed this week. however Adam is busy and may have to do it next week.
  • We need to crack down on donations -- when we literally aren't getting rid of junk fast enough, it's a problem.
  • RFID tool lockouts: Two new members have volunteered to make this. Rob Bedel and Simon Heath will assist with this. The pilot tool will be the laser cutter. There is an RFID slack channel for this.
  • Camera server is ready and will likely go in Friday.
  • More shop vacs? Should we get more? These and other questions answered on Action news 11. Phil recomends buying ones with low noise ratings.
  • We honestly need a suggestions/complaints box. I have a suggestion about that haircut you just got.
  • We are allowed to paint a design for hack on the outside of the door.
  • Dale will fix up the door with the strike after the upstairs bathroom is renovated.
  • Cranberry Maker Faire will be May 11th.
  • Adam Savage will be in town on May 11th. We may want to reach out to him and invite him to the shop!

Shop updates

  • Talked to Dale about the ceiling. He doesn't want to just throw in a drop ceiling and call it a day, as the building owner he wants to Do It Right. Fire code issues, ventilation, etc.
  • Dale also has concerns about indoor air pollution, wants to talk with the Board about some sort of solution there
  • The door latch will be installed whenever his contractor gets to it but they're busy with the bathroom -- it's on their to-do list
  • We have permission to do pretty much whatever we want with the door and our area around it -- paint, put up Cool Maker-y Stuff, etc. Can we find/make a bunch of gears and make some sort of interlocking mural or something?


Kris Kunihara Phil Garrow Beebo

Project updates


The meeting was adjourned at: 8:46

Minutes written by: Adam "the yellow dart" Longwill