Council Meeting Minutes for September 13, 2010

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  • Shop Improvements
  • Legalities
  • Upcoming Events
  • Web Site and Internet

Shop Improvements

  • Heat
    • Lease requires heat to be supplied.
    • Idea proposed within council to consider paying for heater in exchange for reduced rent.
    • Points will be brought up at members meeting.
    • Regardless of heat outcome, door insulation will be a priority for winter.
  • Electricity
    • Doug's Electrician $1925, three bids were $1300, $1950, and $1925.
    • Move to address most pressing issues.
    • Install separate breaker for shop and run 220 to shop for sander
  • Painting
    • To be done in a weekend in october with a clean up


  • Council voted to move towards LLC business model.
  • Doug will e-mail his accountant
  • Officers Elected
    • Matt Stultz - President
    • Matt Mets - Secretary
    • Doug Philips - Treasurer
    • Andy Leer - Council Member at large

Website and Internet

  • Internet
    • e-mail and set up a time to open ports

Action Items

  • Doug - e-mail accountant
  • Matt M- fix authentication stuff and make it better, organize work party (Paint, Insulate, Electric)
  • Andy - Create website manual, business cards, colors on patches
  • Matt S -