Council Meeting Minutes for March 27, 2010

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  • Website
  • Inc. Deal
  • Taxes
  • Upcoming Events
  • Motivating the MEMBERS!
  • Shop Improvement
  • New York Follow Up


  • Marty currently has a backup script running to his Amazon S3
  • Motion to get Hack Pittsburgh it's own S3 account (estimated at $0.50 per month) voted yay
  • Motion for our own DreamHost account (estimated at $12 a month) voted yay
  • Also move MakePGH to DreamHost once we acquire hosting
  • More follow ups for activities on the blog


  • Basic Liability Steps
    • MEMBERS ONLY in the Power Tool area
    • Signage and forms regarding using any power tools or dangerous equipment.
  • E-mail being sent to Dale to discuss Inc. with his partner Scott Hilliard
  • Solution preferred = Covered liability and cheap!
    • Inc. regarding liabilities (insurance for directors and officers)
    • How to go about taxes
    • If not non profit, could we use them as a fiscal sponsor
    • Electrical build out vs. Heat...


  • Meeting with Scott
  • Waiting for e-mail response from Norma (Jason and Melissa)

Upcoming Events

Internal Events

  • Balloon prelim launch 4/17
    • Meeting Monday will supplies showing up.
  • AlphaOneLabs and HackPGH activity (Possibly have I3D)
    • Meet later in month for event planning

Outside Events

  • MakePGH 4/13
  • MakerFair Baltimore 4/24
    • At first members meeting introduce need for headcount by Friday
  • Dayton Hamfest
    • At first members meeting introduce need for headcount
  • MakerFaire Detroit
    • Need members to commit to going and sponsoring event
    • Ideas for sponsored event
    • Or participation or both
    • If not enough members are available no go..?
    • World's Smallest Parade?

Ideas for classes

  • Garduino - arduino for gardening
  • Arduino I and II (early May)
  • CigarBox Guitar Class (prototypes being worked on)

Motivate Membrs

  • Star Punch!
  • Members Meeting
    • Fill out Friday nights @ first meeting at least through April
  • Work on projects
    • Blog Projects
    • Twitter Posts
  • Pull out all the stops at the first meeting
  • Lazor Nickels/Stars
  • Volunteer Time ( Reinstate acknowledgement of lack and non lack)


  • Invoice for April
  • Create banner for website (Andy!)
  • Announce them at events (Sponsored)

Shop Improvement

  • Wall paint being acquired
  • Removal of Heater
  • Preference of heater to be replaced with electrical build out
  • Door
    • Move to work on zigbee wireless solution with router
    • E-mail to Lori sent for epoxy
    • Telephone wire coming out back of epoxy
  • At next members meeting move to set up SPRING CLEANING

New York Follow Up

  • Send out thanks to respective parties