Council Meeting Minutes for December 1, 2009

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  • Finances
  • Treasurer election
  • Duquesne Law Clinic update
  • Door update
  • Heat update
  • Electrical build-out discussion
  • Handling member hiatus
  • Planning for 12/3 PCKIZ meeting
  • Planning for 12/4
  • Planning for the rest of December
  • Preparing for 2010

Minutes by Agenda Topic


  • We drew in a good bit of money on classes this month
    • Soft circuits
    • Arduino 1 and 2
  • Discussion of EventBrite and its operation
  • Balances were reviewed
  • We need to build a budget
    • Track what is paying our bills
    • Track what can be used for shop improvement
  • Class margins were discussed

Planning for 12/3 PCKIZ meeting

  • Representatives will meet with the PCKIZ on Thursday
  • Topics of discussion will include advertising and mutual relationships
  • Topics will also include "getting to know each other"
    • We'd like a clear statement of mission
    • We'd like to know how we fit into that mission
  • Matt and Marty will represent
    • Follow-ons may include larger representation

Treasurer election

  • Nick was our treasurer
  • Marty is nominated and seconded
  • Vote: Marty is elected Treasurer unanimously. And there was much rejoicing.

Duquesne Law Clinic update

  • Upcoming meeting will be rescheduled for January
  • New intentions were communicated re: 501(c)(3), not-for-profit entity, etc.
  • No new update

Door update

  • Marty is almost done with the door for realz
  • He has an enclosure for the inside
  • He'll build a Hardcopy
  • Software is done except for logging to SD card
  • Volunteers are welcome
  • Marty will make a wiki page for it

Heat update

  • We have it (sort of)
    • This is a stopgap solution
    • Tracking has been happening via the ioBridge
  • There have been reports of natural gas odors
    • The landlord was contacted
    • The landlord had it checked out, they don't smell gas
    • They can't find a gas leak
  • We could do some testing ourselves

Electrical build-out discussion

  • See the recent forum topic
  • Discussion with the landlord about fiscal responsibility needs to occur
  • Best way to proceed is probably a committee
    • Phased system
    • Incremental budget to do it ourselves
  • Matt M. will organize the committee
  • Discussion about conduit, Romex, etcetera

Handling member hiatus

  • How do we handle non-payment for work deficits?
    • The initiation fee?
    • Like a security deposit?
  • We need a formalized policy for how to quit and how to come back
  • Discussion regarding policies and membership
  • Proposal: whatever balance you leave with, you need to make up when you come back
  • This will be put to a vote at the next member meeting
  • How do we handle special cases for volunteerism?
    • Vote: will a "makeup month" be permitted for volunteer hours in one specific instance, with no additional policies being set for or against this permission in the future?
    • Vote is aye unanimously

Planning for 12/4

  • Two possibilities for 12/4 event
  • Decision will be announced tomorrow

Planning for the rest of December

  • 12/11 is Deeplocal
  • 12/18 is Hacky Crafty Holidays
  • Maybe a New Years Eve/Day thing?

Preparing for 2010

  • Taxes were briefly discussed
  • Council elections will happen in February
    • Elections will happen at the second members' meeting in February
    • Nominations should happen at the first members' meeting in January
    • Nominations will close at the second members' meeting in January
  • Workshops and recurring members-only events are an instant value add
    • We need more of them in 2010
  • Targeted membership drives
    • DevHouse outreach

Action Items


  • Provide contact info for alternate legal counsel


  • Make a wiki page for the door project
  • Get the C++ stuff organized

Matt M.:

  • Organize electrical committee


  • Set up agenda for tomorrow's meeting (done 12/1/09)
  • Ensure vote on member hiatus (done 12/2/09)
  • Get the C++ stuff organized