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This is an index page intended to contain descriptions of all the various computing resources available at Hack Pittsburgh.



Presumably handles auth for the door RFID system

  • IP:

Arcade machine

No network connection. For hardware info, see ArcadeMachine

Embedded systems

Twitter marquee thing

Watches for anything mentioning @hackpgh on twitter and repeats it out. It appears to be a Pro-Lite TruColor, which apparently takes commands over a 9600 baud serial connection.

Resource on making the thing work:

Network stuff




Web server

The web server is run off of a VM hosted by Dreamhost.

RFID tool logs

Want to design an RFID log-in system for our tools so we don't need to keep paper logs.

Design goals:

  • You turn the power switch on, then beep in
  • It checks against your tool training auth and adds use logs to a database with timestamps
  • You stay logged in until you power it off
  • It automatically tracks tool use time and displays notifications when it needs maintenance
  • Powered by the same power as the tool
  • Displays useful errors when the network/database is unreachable
  • Cheap enough and simple enough to stick on every power tool
  • Tool log database run locally
  • Connects over wifi
  • Display cool stuff on screen
  • A face plate that can be laser cut or engraved with cool stuff
  • GRAPHS!!!

Parts list (tentative):

Tools that need one of these:

  • Metal lathe
  • Metal mill
  • Sander?
  • Power hacksaw?
  • Chop saw
  • Table saw
  • Laser cutter
  • Wood lathe
  • Wood joiner
  • Wood planer
  • Band saw
  • Small CNC
  • Big CNC
  • 3D printers???
  • Welders???

Total needed: At least 11, up to 15+

POWER GOALS: Use the same hardware to let you buy stuff from vending machines. Or maybe handle door security, so it's standardized?


  • Artemis machines?
  • Microcontrollers
  • Laser cutter workstation
  • 3d printer workstation
  • Printers


  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics:
  • Disk:
  • OS:
  • IP:

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