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Admin login:

Our website uses Wordpress.

It is currently hosted on Digital Ocean under Adam Casto's business account. It primarily uses the following plugins:

  • Beaver Builder w/ Beaver Themer and Theme/Child-theme
  • Formidable Forms
  • Wild Apricot Login


Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot manages all of our membership stuff, including billing. It is also used to do things like manage the scheduling and signup of our classes.

It is integrated with our WordPress site through iframes and a plugin which allows WildApricot to connect back to the site and create a linked WordPress account that will be logged in when someone logs into WildApricot. Even the login is a WA hosted widget embedded into the site through iframes that then redirects back to the site to login the linked account. The iframe content is made to match the site as best as possible using CSS/JS uploaded to WildApricot.

Space Scheduling


Skedda is the tool used to schedule and block off time for various areas of the shop and tools.

It currently requires it's own username and password, and generally doesn't mesh well with our website. It works for now, but we might try and find a WordPress plugin that does the same thing.


Uses a self hosted Wikimedia install. I before someone can edit the Wiki their account must be approved <add info for approval process>

<Fill out where/how it's hosted and who has the logins for that>