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I'm Dave. I'm a mobile device software engineer by day, but I enjoy messing around with servos and stuff with the Arduino by night. My own, occasionally updated, site is at

I have some tools at home, some that I could leave at the space all the time, and some that I could bring in for projects if needed:


  • WESD51 temp-controlled soldering iron
  • panavise
  • couple of arduinos
  • arduino shields: ProtoShield, WaveShield, MotorShield, EtherShield
  • couple of BUGs (
  • BUG modules: camera, motion sensor/accelerometer, screen, GPS, sound, ZigBee, VonHippel (prototyping)


  • sawzall
  • scrollsaw
  • jigsaw
  • benchtop drillpress
  • circular saw
  • compressor
  • air stapler
  • finish nailer
  • brad nailer
  • router table
  • old Shop Smith (turns on but I haven't used a lathe before so I don't really know if it works)