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As if you didn't have enough ideas to work on, here's some more shop projects to play with!

  • Vending machine
  • Library system for the bookshelf
  • Window light board
  • General infrastructure mongling and maintenance (see ComputerStuff)
  • AI for the self-driving Hotwheels car? Autonomous vehicle club stuff?
  • Occasional Classes

Software repositories/projects

HackPGH has a Github organization here: If you would like to join, drop a message in the #coding-corner channel on Slack and someone will invite you.

Other HackPGH-related repos:

Meeting, march 7 2016z

Things to cover

  • Talks/classes
  • Shop infrastructure? Hangtop, file server, etc... at least teach people to fucking use them
  • Projects

Class ideas: Streaming system, file server,

Vending machine

24 v AC for all motors, on the back of each thing, switch is closed when the motor is at home position, screw is top dead center, off those limit switches each row is on its own ground. All the wires are white, none are labeled, had a bunch of wiring diagrams in the bottom of it but they got trashed when the water tank leaked last summer.

Inside the panel is 2 sets of 5V relays, driven by the Mega, was going to be driven over USB, but Gabe has some USB relay drivers for it

Didn't like LCD in there, didn't have the driver working right, Gabe has a nicer one.

Gabe has a dollar acceptor, it gives a 30 ms pulse for every dollar put into it, serial protocol that's proprietary, gabe hasn't reverse engineered it.

For each rack: One communal ground goes across the board, one wire is ground for relays, one ground for limit switches, then one for each motor, eight total. All limit switches in parallel? Maybe.