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This is a directory of channels on the HackPGH Slack. Familiarize yourself with the main channels, and click the links to join them (once you've got an account set up on Slack)!

Important Channels

  • #asktheboard -- Ask your Board of Directors any questions you may have about plans for reopening, finances, administration, whatever! PLEASE be respectful and patient.
  • #hackpghsocialmedia -- Post photos of projects, etc, for use in the hackpgh social media accounts here.
  • #needs-wants -- For members to discuss needs and wants!
  • #parking_authority -- Discuss and send parking tickets.
  • #tools -- Discussion surrounding tools and equipment for use in the shop.
  • #training -- Get Training for tools!
  • #volunteering -- Discuss volunteering!
  • #whereisit -- Put something away? Report it here. Looking for something? Ask it here. Found the answer somewhere else? Copy it here for future reference.

Interest-specific Channels