Shutdown checklist

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First Person to Arrive

IMPORTANT FIRE SAFETY RULE: If the shop is empty, lights are off etc, when you enter, you MUST make sure the Watson Street outer door is unlocked, for fire safety reasons. Currently it's locked with a padlock and must be unlocked from the outside, contact the board for the padlock combination.

NOTE: Store the padlock on the inside of the door, there's a wooden widget there to hang it from.

Last Person to Leave

  1. Monday: Trash taken out?
  2. All Tools off? Especially:
    1. Power tools (sawstop, etc)
    2. 3D Printers
    3. Laser Cutter
    4. Air Compressor
    5. Soldering Irons at electronics workbench
  3. Desktop Computers off?
  4. Cleaned up after yourself?
    1. Tools put away?
    2. Sawdust and metal chips cleaned up?
    3. No dirty dishes left out or in the sink?
  5. Lights out?
    1. Clean side shop lights out (brick pillar by big printer)
    2. Metal shop lights out (on wall to left of garage door)
    3. Wood shop lights out (on wall to right of garage door, by Watson Street door)
    4. Laser Cutter light (pull string, above laser cutter)
    5. Kitchen lights are usually left on
  6. Doors locked?
    1. Garage door
    2. Jumonville Street door
    3. Watson Street door
    4. Watson Street outer door (gate) padlocked (padlock is stored on back of inner door)