Shop Operations

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Shop Operations

This page is for short descriptions of basic shop info.

Shop Operations

City trash collection for the shop is Monday night for Tuesday morning pickup.

Garbage and Recycling should be deposited on the sidewalk at the front of the building on Fifth Avenue. Hack 5 8 18 Barrel Locations.jpg

In Pittsburgh, Recycling is collected every other week. To check if this is recycling week go to: and click Central/Eastern - 2018 Refuse/Bulk and Recycling Pickup Schedule To see the current calendar.

All sounds simple? Except that there are several issues specific to HackPGH. 1) In the shop there are four different kinds of trash barrels each with their own garbage bag. Near the laser there is one large barrel that uses a black heavy contractor bag. Also in the shop is a smaller barrel that uses a black lighter weight plastic bag. And in the kitchen there are two barrels that use white lighter weight bags. There is also a barrel in the lower bathroom that uses this same white bag. Finally, there are light blue translucent plastic bags for recycling. All of these bags are kept on the floor beneath the chrome rack in the kitchen area.

2) When put out garbage, all bags must be closed, and notably, the large contractor bags must not be too heavy for the garbage men to take.

3) We can’t put either the HackPGH trash bin or recycling bin out on the curb. All trash and recycling must be in plastic bags.

4) For cardboard to be recycled a cardboard box may be used in place of a light blue plastic bag. Nothing else may be in this box except cardboard.

Protip: You may want to load bags of garbage into a car, pickup, or something with wheels, to bring them up and around to the front of the building.

If you have any doubt that all has gone well, check to see if any bags are left after the pickup. If anything is left, bring it back behind the building. We would rather find these bags ourselves than have our landlord tell us.

Clean Up After Yourself

Of course members are expected to clean up after themselves. A couple of specific points and tips:

  • No food left out. Place food and food-related garbage (e.g. plates, takeout containers) in a garbage container with a lid.
    • There is a pedal-operated wastebasket under the kitchen counter/bar.
    • There is a regular metal trash can with a lid in the wood/metal side of the shop.
  • Use the compressed air hose to spray dust off tools after using.
    • There is a compressed air hose near the door between the two sides of the shop, on the metal/woodworking area. Usually it has a sprayer attachment,
    • Usually the compressed air hose has an air trigger nozzle in it, if not you can find one on the table next to the air hose. It looks like this:

Air Trigger Nozzle

  • The shop vac is in the woodworking area. Use it to clean up sawdust, etc.