Shop Operations

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Shop Operations

This page is for short descriptions of basic shop info.

Garbage Night / Taking Out the Trash

City trash collection for the shop is Monday night.

Trash should be deposited:

  • at the front of the building
  • on Fifth Avenue
  • on the sidewalk
  • to the left of the driveway (when facing Fifth Ave)
  • in garbage bags, not in bins

map for trash pickup point

Fresh garbage bags are located in the "kitchen" area, on the wire rack shelf set.

Recycling Schedule

In Pittsburgh, recycling is collected every other week. To determine if this week is recycling week, go to this link.

City of Pittsburgh collection schedule web app

Unfortunately, the city of Pgh web app link does not allow GET links with embedded parameters, so you must insert the street address and select the zipcode from the dropdown:

1936 Fifth Ave 15219

Also note, the web app has a "splash page" effect, so at first you'll just see the logo, then after a second it will display the search form.

City of Pittsburgh DPW collection schedule

City of Pittsburgh DPW page for signing up for garbage collection reminder emails

Clean Up After Yourself

Of course members are expected to clean up after themselves. A couple of specific points and tips:

  • No food left out. Place food and food-related garbage (e.g. plates, takeout containers) in a garbage container with a lid.
    • There is a pedal-operated wastebasket under the kitchen counter/bar.
    • There is a regular metal trash can with a lid in the wood/metal side of the shop.
  • Use the compressed air hose to spray dust off tools after using.
    • There is a compressed air hose near the door between the two sides of the shop, on the metal/woodworking area. Usually it has a sprayer attachment,
    • Usually the compressed air hose has an air trigger nozzle in it, if not you can find one on the table next to the air hose. It looks like this:

Air Trigger Nozzle

  • The shop vac is in the woodworking area. Use it to clean up sawdust, etc.