Member Meeting Minutes for September 2, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for September 2nd, 2020

Call to order

Adam Longwill called the meeting to order at 7:42 PM


  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Taylor Huston, Best Board Member
  • Asher Storm, Board Member
  • Sean Guzek
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Kwame Wright
  • Ezra Juliar
  • Quara'e Canady
  • Shawn Shifflett
  • Asher Storm
  • Andrew C
  • Cassie Griger
  • Ukie Geno
  • Troy Lampenfeld


  • Allegheny County is still "green", despite a large resurgence in COVID cases. Our commitment to member safety is absolutely paramount.
    • Everyone will be required to maintain 6 ft of distance, wear masks, hand wash, etc.
    • We will now be allowing ten people in the dirty side of the shop, and ten people on the "clean" side of the shop.
  • We need to put up new laminated signs outside the doors.
    • Tours are still by appointment only. Please sign up to help the Board out!
  • We have created five "sanitation kits." They are portable and contain new cleansers, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and other items. Please place them around the shop as you see fit.

Shop news

  • We are in the process of looking into getting a dumpster for the shop
  • Classes. We are considering approving small in-person classes such as soldering and welding. The maximum number of students allowed will be four.
    • We are looking into offering virtual classes for topics such as arduinos and computer-building.
  • Update on the Small CNC router
    • Sean is working on it!
  • We have gotten the new large air compressor
  • Laser tube is OTW, rough ETA of 1-2 weeks
  • CNC is down as well, new power supply is on the way

Shop finances

  • We have $6000 (including PayPal funds and our bank account)
  • Big thanks to the donations for compressor and the laser tube
  • HackPGH will still be operating on a restricted budget where possible.
    • However, the shop is completely stocked! This includes food, drink, bottled water, and cleaning supplies. This came at no cost to the shop. It was donated by the Zajdel family and their friends at Tyler Mountain Spring Water.
  • Grants
    • Becky is probably working on them though
  • Social Media
    • We need to boost up our SM presence
      • Encouraging people to take pictures of stuff their projects to add to our website and Instagram
      • Also, make an Instagram
      • Patreon?
      • Filming some videos of tools

Rule Reminders

  • Laser cutter use and misuse
    • Laser time MUST be both paid for AND logged in the paper log on the laser desk.
    • Skedda scheduling is not matching up with the payments, less than 50% of laser time is being paid for.
      • We will be erecting a large sign reminding members about laser rules. If necessary, we will put a RFID lock & payment system on the laser.
  • Children aged seven and under are NOT allowed in the shop, even with a parent or guardian. This is for their safety and for the good of the organization, as it allows us to keep our insurance.
  • Garbage
    • Garbage CANNOT be placed in the alley (Watson Street). It MUST be taken up and around in front of the building on Fifth Avenue every Monday night for Tuesday AM pickup! We were fined last week because multiple bags were left in Watson Street. We have garbage guidelines as well as the city pickup/recycling calendar posted on the white board right inside the Jumonville entrance.

Move to adjourn

  • Adjourned at 8:30 PM
    • Minutes by Taylor Huston