Member Meeting Minutes for September 15, 2010

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  • New Members
  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
  • Votes
  • Action Items
  • Called to order at about 7:10pm

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Friar, Chris T, Matt B, Val, Tim, Jon S, Mandy, Matt S, Susan, Logan, Doug, Sayan(8pm)

New Members

  • Ed P. - not present
  • Tim B. - present

Recent Events

Upcoming Events

  • Sep 17: Friday night Intro To Test Equipment
  • Sep 18: Matt and Andy Tactile Metronome class.
  • Sep 18: 9am-1pm Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Sep 19: Ham Radio Exams, CMU, 4pm
    • Matt S will send out an email to see if there is enough interest to do a ham cram.
    • Tim mentioned that Salvation Army Parkway Center Disaster Center does ham classes/tests, but we couldn't find any references on
  • Sep 19: Shopcation
  • Sep 20: A photographer from PopCity will be at the shop (evening) normal hours 7pm+
  • Sep 25-26: World Maker Faire in NYC.
    • Matt S will send out email later in the week re: transportation, etc.
  • Sep 25: Pittsburgh Clojure Group would like to know they can use space in the afternoon/eve (Doug is liason/sponsor/contact)
    • Doug to email council for approval, also to shop members for info.
  • Oct 16: Central PA Open Source Conference. Plus, member Chris T will be giving a talk.
  • Oct TBD: Shop cleanup days October Work Party
    • Chris T will look into sealant, and can get discount for paint.
  • Potential group projects:
    • PowerWheels
    • Kinetic art bike
    • Anything that floats - part of the Pittsburgh Regatta, a local event we could get some PR/exposure for.
    • Another balloon launch
    • Members with additional ideas please email the list.

Shop Updates

  • Electric
    • 3 bids are in.
    • Decision from council meeting was to consider our long term plans here before making substantial investments.
    • General member consensus is to shore-up for the Winter and evaluate our situation very early in Spring.
  • Soldering irons for the shop.
    • On their way, should be in Thursday or Friday. "Just in Time".
  • Donations, etc:
    • Prior to cleanup day, we need to go through and identify what donations we want to keep/harvest and which we wish to get rid of.
      • Sara, a non-member stopped by looking for cast offs of small circuit boards, metal parts, etc. that could be used (Doug can provided details at meeting). - Doug to setup a box.
  • HackPittsburgh Biz cards:
    • We'd like to have members carry shop cards to hand out when talking about the shop.
    • Per council meeting, more cards are on order, we only have seven as of today.
  • Council officers as per Council Meeting Minutes for September 13, 2010
  • Door project status
    • Members who don't have an RFID card, please see Friar to get one.
    • Matt to get Friar list of previously issued cards.
    • Will have it operating in the shop for a week or two to stress test it before it goes operational.
  • SIP phone update (that noise in the corner) (Chris T is point on this).
    • Idea is to have inter-hacker-space phone system.
    • We're waiting to have ports opened in Dale's firewall. Dale is out of town until the end of the week.
    • We have an offer for a payphone from some guy at CMU, we just need to arrange to pick it up.

Future Plans

  • Val asked if there was interest in a Processing based data visualization class.
    • Matt to talk to some CMU folks for potential attendees/coordination.
  • Friar - vi tips and tricks Friday talk
  • Friday night events - we need advance marketing. Advanced PR really helps.
  • EggBot - Matt B is willing to let us use it for ping pong sales.


  • New Projector?
    • We're looking for something we can use for classes, events, without having to turn off the main lights.
    • Target price range: $400-$600,
    • Specs: >800x600.
    • Tim has a potential donor projector, will get back to us with specs on it.
    • Vote taken, all in favor, one abstain (Doug, acting Sec'y).
    • Idealy we'd like to have it by end of week for this Saturday's class.

Adjourned at 8:17pm.

Action Items

  • Matt
    • Send out email re: interest in a Ham Cram Sunday before the CMU exam.
    • Send out email re: transportation, etc re: Marker Faire NY.
    • Get Friar list of previously issued RFID cards.
  • Doug
    • Email council, group re: Clojure Group meeting.
    • Set up box for potential parts re: Sara's.
  • Chris T
    • Look in to cement wall sealant and paint for finishing the shop walls.
  • Tim
    • Checkout his projector and let us know if it'll meet our criteria.