Member Meeting Minutes for Sept 2, 2015

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
  • Chad
  • Alex
  • Geno
  • Scott^2
  • John Balacko
  • Stephen Mitchell
  • James Hyde
  • John Lewis
  • Jim Freach
  • Eli
  • Simon
  • Steve Morrisson
  • Steve Owens
  • Called to order at: 8:23pm

New Members

  • Potential new member
    • Josh, Software engineer, into everything DIY, robots, security

Recent Events

  • Aug 24th - UV Club
  • Aug 26th - Tesla Club
  • Aug 28th - Arduino Group Workshop: Bring your Arduino projects and work/collaborate on them
  • Aug 31st - UV Club

Upcoming Events

  • Friday Sept 4th - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • Saturday Sept 5th - Mechanical Club
  • Monday Aug 7th - UV Club (Software)
  • Wednesday Aug 9th - Tesla Club
    • Tesla trip to Niagara Falls 9/5
  • Friday Aug 11th - Digital Games Night (Artemis)
  • Saturday Aug 12th - LUG and Android Databases talk
  • Monday Aug 14th - UV Club (Hardware)
  • Tuesday Aug 15th - Members Meeting

Potential Evening talks/events

    • Scott Holistic Brain talk
      • October 29, 7:30pm
      • Inaugural meeting
    • Eli, basic welding class
    • Simon, make your own video game
    • Arduino/PI networking class: John Lewis and Balacko

Learning Tracks

  • Motor Control - Does someone want to take this track over?
    • Geno will take it over
  • IC Class
  • Electronics Class
  • Change Arduino learning track to Embedded learning track
  • Raspberry Pi learning track

==== Project Roll Call ==== // We should move this to end of meeting and limit the time to 1-2 mins

  • Eli: Power wheels
  • Steve Owens: Slot Mortisor
  • John Balacko: Peltier cooler vest

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Chugging right along with software
    • Improved Lidar mapping, still needs work
    • Tested localization
    • Making progress on frame for car
    • Need wireless killswitch
    • Anyone want to add moxie to car?
  • Power wheels
    • Eli will be making few new body panels
    • Will make motor easy to replace with new motor during race
    • We need people to race, pits, track marshals, etc.
    • Geno and Chad will help organize the pits during race
    • We need to figure out how to take train with us.
  • NYC Maker Faire Sept 26,27
    • Get your own hotel room.
    • We have 12 tickets
    • You will probably have to track marshall
  • 3-D Printer
    • Ready to go!
    • Try to use it, but ask on instructions from first
  • Foundry project by Alex and Wesley
    • No updates
    • Steven Morrisson can help Alex, working on his own foundry
  • Server
  • Open Source Brewing
    • Waiting until fall/cooler weather
  • New Mill
    • We bought it
    • Need to get it from Alex
    • 300lbs
    • 1.5 hrs from Pittsburgh
  • Crafts area
    • Rename crafts area to fabric arts area
    • More aesthetically pleasing
    • Make a sign for the area
    • Keep it clean
    • Try to make it look even nicer and cleaner
    • Get better lights for that area, off switch for that light.
  • Welder
    • Welding Wire?
    • Get it from harbor freight
    • No updates

Old Business

  • Sign Ideas
    • Due Date: September 12
  • Pittsburgh Maker Faire October 10 and 11.
    • The call for makers is technically over... But you still have a little bit of time.
  • We need to get rid of some stuff here at the shop.
    • Still need to get rid of ATM.
    • Vending Machine (Back on the chopping block). (Contacting Gabe tonight)
      • Functional soda machine over broken vending machine. Yes!
  • New induction procedure.
    • Get rid of old interview process
    • 1 month probation with option to extend
    • Everyone discusses and votes on potential new member
      • 2 Board members and 3 members vote on member
    • Get RFID card but no key for a month, must be accompanied by full member
    • Positive ID required (verify but not keep)
    • References optional but not mandatory
    • Board gives shop tour
    • Post name and photo of potential new member during trial period at the shop. They can opt out of photo.

New Business

  • Gene is stepping down from the board.
    • Emergency election, This will happen right after this meeting.
  • Printers need ink
  • Resurrect the members forum, members only
  • Document our projects better on the website, not just on wiki
  • MTV True Life wants to film at HackPittsburgh about Biohacking
    • All members voted not to allow MTV True Life film here
    • We do not feel that this particular TV show will portray an accurate representation of the Maker/DIY Community

Election Results

  • Alex is the new board member

Move to Adjourn

  • Johnathan motions
    • Eli seconds
  • Adjourned at:9:48pm

Meeting notes by: Geno