Member Meeting Minutes for Sept 17, 2014

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Gene
    • Geno
    • Alex
    • Bob
    • Matt
    • Val
    • Eli
    • Doug
    • Anthony
    • Greg via Google Hangout
    • Steve
    • James
    • Gary showed up at 8:40. We are still in the meeting.
  • Called to order at:
    • 7:50pm

New Members

  • Alex, builds random things like tube amps, CNC, model aviation, and others
  • Val, old member returning
  • Matt, wants to learn software and hardware. Project interest updating old computers

Recent Events

  • Friday, September 12th - Artemis Night!!!!
    • Went well! Took the fight to the bad guys.
  • Maker Fest @ TechShop
    • Great member turn out. Showed off many projects.
    • Well attended, good showing.

Upcoming Events

  • September, 20th & 21st - Maker Faire New York!!!!!!!
  • Friday, September 26th - Maker Faire New York Debrief
  • Friday, October 3rd - Shop Clean
  • Saturday, October 4th - HackPittsburgh Birthday Celebration (We're 5 years old!)
  • October 10th - Analog Game Night
    • Bring your own games or play someone else's.
  • October 12th - Nerd Exchange Podcast Event, Chad takes point
    • Membership feels it's ok to have vendor (ie Comic Book sales) on site
  • Friday, October 17th - Intro to OOP with Greg
  • Friday, October 24th - Hacking together a costume (or Halloween Hack and Slash)

Upcoming Classes

  • Build your own theremin class
    • Planning in progress. Geno is almost ready to use a 9 volt battery. Almost ready for a parts list.
  • Adam would like to give a talk/workshop on Wireless 101/Can-tennas
    • Possibly the beginning of November (8, or 9)
  • Soldering class... November 15th. Need to get the ball rolling
    • Need to order kits
    • Advertise
    • Get the tickets up
    • Team effort on holding the class
    • Chad offered to purchase since he has Amazon Prime

Potential Thursday Night talks/events

  • GIS talk (Geographic Information Systems) - James
  • Luc wanted to hold a talk on magnetics. He wanted to do October, but November would be better

Learning Tracks

  • GPS class
    • Progress. This will be the next class.
  • Arduino Track... Next up:
    • Soldering class...

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Window Lights project
    • Gene got a RaspberryPi B+ added. He needs to be shown how to program the Arduino via Pi.
  • Tool Power E-Stop
    • Work is still on ongoing.
  • Power wheels NYC 9/20-9/21 2014!!!!!
    • What needs done for NYC?
      • (Important) Need to weld on curb bumpers
      • (Important) Wiring harness batteries
      • (In-progress) HoverBoard
      • (Back lined) Co2
      • (Back lined) Headlights, Brake-lights. Gene acquired LED sets for the lights.
      • (Important) Mount camera to car
      • No tool boxes yet
    • Discovery Channel Canada wants to do a spot on our car
      • They are actually the Discovery Channel vs the US station
      • They want to do this while in New York
  • CNC Router
    • Need to get some wiring done
  • Laser Cutter (AKA Frickin Lasers!)
    • Operational!
    • See Chad or Gene for training!
    • Ventilation issues!
      • Right now only use wood.
  • 3-D Printer
    • Work in progress (Parts are in) Needs assembled.

Old Business

  • New RFID Reader arrived. Work has started on integrating the new reader. If you are interested in helping, contact Anthony
  • Greg suggested we need to build a bunk couch
  • Movie night for Members
    • Decided to hold a movie night near the week of Thanksgiving
    • James proposed War Games.
    • Chad offered to use Amazon Prime to watch the movie, since he has Amazon Prime

New Business

  • Chad proposed naming the laser printer. He suggested Trogdor, the burninator!
    • In the opinion of the of the president, the motion is approved.
    • The laser cutter shall be referred to as, Trogdor, the burninator!
  • $15/hour for the the laser cutter until we determine the cost of operation.
  • Bob wants to start a music and technology club
    • There is interest in this group
    • Gene moves to approve this group
      • Greg seconds
      • In the opinion of the President, the motion is approved.
      • Need to get a regularly scheduled night

What can we do to make the shop better?

  • Post Flyers!
  • Reverse Graffiti (cleaning with a stencil)
  • Never wet on the street
  • Art student to paint garage door.

Whats going on in the world of hackers?

  • Postponed

Move to Adjourn

  • Doug motioned
  • Gene seconded
  • Meeting Adjourned at 8:50pm