Member Meeting Minutes for October 20, 2010

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  • New Members
  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
  • Votes
  • Action Items
  • Called to order at about 19:17pm

(Doug filled in as Sec'y since Matt Mets wasn't able to make it.)

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Logan, Matt B, Jeff K, Friar, Ed, Jon, Matt S, Susan, Mandy, Doug, Chris T

New Members

Yes! Jeff Kramer

Recent Events

Action items from last meeting:

  • Matt M: Multimeter procurement
  • Matt S: Projector procurement

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Oct 22: Intro to Road Rallying w/Jenny and Doug [1]
  • Mon Oct 25: Balloon software/hardware integration.
  • Fri Oct 29: Harry, Advanced nbEMS.
  • Sat Oct 30: Halloween Party!
    • We'll be holding it here at HackPittsburgh
    • If you have interest in helping out, email Mandy (or the members list)
  • Sun Oct 31: Balloon Launch!
    • Component One is now sponsoring the balloon project!
    • They provide data visualization solutions, and are interested in balloon telemetry.
  • Fri Nov 5: Learn to Juggle with Matt S. and Josh
  • Sun Nov 7th - WACOM HamFest, Washington PA, 8am-2pm
    • We've been offered a table, which we'll do if we aren't launching the balloon.
    • Take an LCD and do a slide-show of the balloon.
      • Doors open for vendor set up at 6am, but Saturday night setup is OK too.
    • VE Session at 10AM! (Another General Ham study class opportunity!)
  • Potential group projects:
    • PowerWheels - We can haz one! Now what??
    • Kinetic art bike
    • Anything that floats - part of the Pittsburgh Regatta, a local event we could get some PR/exposure for.
    • Members with additional ideas please email the list.

Shop Updates

  • We got a cash donation on behalf of Gwen and Derrick's wedding.
  • Door project status
    • Members who don't have an RFID card, please see Friar to get one.
    • Was operating in the shop for a week or two to stress test it. Continue to test or start to implement?
  • SIP phone update.
    • Pay Phones have arrived! (Thanks Matt Mets, and Golan)
    • Ports are open. Once shop is uncompressed we should be good to go (Chris T point on this)
  • New Projector - approved at last members meeting, but not yet ordered, models being considered.
  • Vacuform table? (Matt and Ed are 'one hour out' from being done. Maybe use it Friday night.)

Future Plans

Should move this to a separate page?

  • Friar: vi tips and tricks Friday talk
  • Friday night events: we need advance marketing. Advanced PR really helps.
  • EggBot: Matt B. is willing to let us use it for ping pong sales.
  • Logan: Mead class - 3rd of December - now on our calendar.
  • Alternative energy: Friar will talk to VOX energy about coming to give a talk.


  • Motion to adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 19:58pm

Action Items

Action items ongoing from last meeting:

  • Matt M: Multimeter procurement
  • Matt S: Projector procurement