Member Meeting Minutes for Oct 15, 2014

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Geno
    • Scott
    • Eli
    • Alex
    • Bob
    • Christine - potential member, interested in doing leather work, and learning other tech. Favorite cartoon, Archer.
    • Val
    • Doug
    • Sean
    • Gene
    • Anthony
    • Chad
    • Jim
  • Called to order at:
    • 7:34pm

New Members

  • Sean - interested in tesla turbines, biological stuff. Favorite cartoon... Johnny Bravo. Welcome!

Recent Events

  • Thursday, October 2nd - Party at the Paramount!
    • Was a success! Good showing our presence. Took the powerwheels over.
  • Saturday, October 4th - Shop Clean
    • Got some of the work done, but still need more help. Please help!
  • October 10th - Analog Game Night
    • Fun night. We laser cut a Catan board set.
  • October 12th - Nerd Exchange Podcast Event
    • The link of the podcast will be sent out once it's up!

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, October 17th - Intro to OOP with Greg
  • Saturday, October 18th - HackPittsburgh Birthday Celebration (We're 5 years old!)
    • Officially 9pm-1am
    • We need your help!
  • Friday, October 24th - Hacking together a costume (or Halloween Hack and Slash)

Upcoming Classes

  • Build your own theremin class
    • Geno has the cost work up
    • Need to work out details
  • Adam would like to give a talk/workshop on Wireless 101/Can-tennas
    • Possibly the beginning of November 9
  • Soldering class... November 15th. Need to get the ball rolling
    • Kits are here
    • The tickets are up
    • Need to Advertise

Potential Thursday Night talks/events

  • GIS talk (Geographic Information Systems) - James
  • Luc wanted to hold a talk on magnetism. He wanted to do October, but November would be better

Learning Tracks

  • GPS class
    • Progress. This will be the next class.
  • Arduino Track... Next up:
    • Soldering class...

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Window Lights project
    • Progress
  • Tool Power E-Stop
    • Progress
  • Power wheels
    • Done for the season.
    • Need to modify the trophy.
    • Need to store the vehicles until next season
  • CNC Router
    • Progress
  • Laser Cutter (AKA Frickin Lasers!)
    • Working... Have a project, check the approval list and get some help!
    • PSA: If you don't know what it is, DON'T CUT IT! It can be dangerous to YOU and the LASER!
  • 3-D Printer
    • Alex has it almost back together. Needs some screws and to be calibrated.

Old Business

  • New RFID Reader arrived
    • Needs to be mounted, please help
  • Movie night for Members
    • Decided to hold a movie night near the week of Thanksgiving
    • Jim proposed War Games.
    • Chad offered to use Amazon Prime to watch the movie, since he has Amazon Prime
  • Bob wants to start a music and technology club
    • Bob has decided to hold this the second Thursday of every month
    • Doors open at 7pm, runs 7:30 - 8:30pm
    • The name is still a work in progress
  • Model Train enthusiast club help their first meeting
    • Seemed to be popular
    • Second rule about train club, no nesting
    • Regular meetings will be help the second Tuesday of every month, starting 7pm.

New Business

  • Tim and the Grindhouse Wetware guys want to use this space as a co-working space
    • They will become members, and use the space during the day.
    • We would like them to give a talk
  • Our bank account was hacked. We are currently disputing those charges.
    • We have started the process for an investigation.
    • The charges showed up under a Microsoft Azure merchant.
  • Gabe mentioned getting a vertical mill from craigslist.
    • Currently on hold due to the lack of space.
  • The guys from pcDuino came by and showed off some of the capabilities
    • Neat board. Very powerful.
    • Boards run 50 bucks with wifi, 40 without.

What can we do to make the shop better?

Move to Adjourn

  • Gene motioned to adjourn... seconded by Doug.
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm